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Dealing with the loss of a loved can be the most difficult thing in the world, and the last thing you want to worry about is funeral arrangements. At Eternal Rest we provide complete funeral services for one family at a time. This allows us to focus completely on helping people through these troubled times. We know that you cannot choose when a loved one passes, which is why we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our staff specializes in all types of funerals, including nondenominational and veteran services.

Funeral Options

There are traditions and norms in our society, to be sure, but there is no one right way to hold a funeral.


We believe in honoring the final wishes of your loved one, whether they include burial or cremation. We offer a wide selection of urns to suit any need. Our directors can help guide you through the cremation and interment process, leaving you free to focus on what's really important - your family.


Pre-planning helps you and your family make the best decision today for use in the distant future. By planning today, you:

  • Avoid putting your family through hasty decisions at a stressful time.
  • Lock in today's pricing for use in the distant future.
  • Have peace of mind that everything has been taken care of.
  • In addition to helping the family during a stressful time, you can relieve the financial burden of spreading your pre-need arrangements over an agreed upon time period.