Animal Farm

by: Savannah Barrett


Squealer never tells the truth. He conviced that the animals that Napoleon was the best and did everything right. Also he convinced the animals that the old rules were something that they made up in there imaginations and that it they were never real.

He says that Napoleon is always right. He would preach about Napoleons greatness and would start to cry and scream, then would sign his song. He was so convinced by him that there was no one that could make him believe that Snowball was bad.


"Squealer was soon able to convince them that their memories had been fault"

-Animal Farm

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Theme: Equalitiy

There is no equality between the animals and the pigs. All the pigs gave themselfs special treatment like more food, alochol, beds to sleep in, school, and the right off way when they are walking down the path. All the other animals are treated like the animals they are, they also have to work harder and don't get as much food. By the end of the book equality was so bad that they couldn't distingusish pig from human.

Flobots - Handlebars


The song Handlebars starts off with two friends or as we known them as Napoleon and Snowball. One friend is a normal person that lives a normal life, and thinks of all the good he can do for people (Snowball). The other is more controlling and becomes more powerful (Napoleon). The two friends are trying to out due each other. It starts with just speaking to the people then leads to war. The powerful friend starts to talk about how good and great he is. How he can cure diseases, and his power is secure. While the other friend is talking about normal things that can really help, like things that can help them survive. A new windmill for an example. This just makes the crazy controlling friend want to make himself look better. Which in the song he says " I can make new antibiotics, and I can make you want to but a product. I can end the nation in a Holocaust." So the normal friend says that basically he doesn't need him anymore. That makes the crazy friend mad, so he simply gets rid of him. The friend gets to the point where he can kill people with no reason. He takes control and ends almost everything, starving the people, and making the miserable just because he wants to be better.

Important Event

When Snowball leaves it is very important. Snowball was the last reasonable leader left on the farm. He wanted everyone to be equal and wouldn't give up on the true meaning of the rebellion. When he leaves it allows Napoleon to take over and make him self the important power. He starves the animals and he breaks and changes the rules. Then lies to the animals about what is real and what is a lie. If Snowball never left the Animal Farm everything would be equal and fare.
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The Russian Revolution symbolizes the dictatorship of Napoleon. About what happened with Stalin, and the people that lived there. Also how they are treated and how Stalin/Napoleon controls everything. He also starved the poeple the same as Napoleon did.