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From the Principal's desk.....

The count down is on for our school year! The Richey staff is super excited and is working diligently to get ready for the school year. We have participated in building professional development, district professional development, and making sure that the building is ready for our students on August 29th. We are super excited to see our students.

Best regards,

Gregg Johnson, Principal

Michelle Burrows, Assistant Principal


Starting on the first day of school car rider/walker students will be permitted to enter the building at 8:45 am. Please stay with your children until this time. We will not have staff outside until 8:45 am. We will have staff assist students to get out of the car. Please stay in your car if you need help wave one of us down and we will help get your student(s) out of the car.

Bus rider students will enter the back lot. They will be greeted by staff members while they enter the back end of the building.


We are not making many changes to dismissal this school year. But the first week will be starting our dismissal process at 3:15 pm as our students and staff get used to the dismissal process. I will update our families next week to inform you what time we will be starting the dismissal time for the 2nd week of school. Our goal is to start dismissal at 3:40 pm.

All students will receive a car tag. You can pick this up on meet the teacher night. If you cannot come to meet the teacher night we will send home the car tag with your child.

Bus riders will be called. They will come out of the back entrance of the building and staff members will be there to assist the students to get on the buses.

Car rider numbers will be collected in the afternoon before we start dismissal. We will then call the numbers and begin to have the student enter the cars. Please stay in your car. Our staff can assist students in the car if needed. Parents, please be patient while our students learn our dismissal procedure. But I can assure you we do this in a safe and efficient matter.

Walkers have a number as well. Students will not be released to someone without a number or with someone under 18. Parents/Guardians can fill out a form called the Independent Walker Form. This form states that the student has permission to walk home alone and not meet anyone on Richey campus. Kindergarten students are not permitted to walk home alone unless they have an older sibling. If your student is normally a car rider but you would them to be a walker one day, please call the office by 2:15 pm so we can have your student in the correct location at dismissal. But we do prefer for all changes to come in the morning with a written note. The walkers will exit from the right side of the building.


From the Red Clay Office of Technology

  • All students in grades 3-12 will be assigned a Chromebook for the 22/23 school year, that will travel back and forth from home daily with many students 3-12.
  • All students in K-2 will have Chromebooks that normally remain at school in carts.
  • Kindergarten carts will contain a ratio of 1:2 (1 Chromebook for every 2 students).
  • All students/parents for grades 3-12 must complete the 1. Chromebook Agreement and 2. Pay the $20 Protection Plan Fee every year. No protection plan fee will be collect from K-2 student since they will be remaining in school.
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Red Clay Student Handbook/Student Code of Conduct

The student code of conduct has been revised and approved by the board. Below is the link to the Red Clay Student Handbook.

Breakfast/Lunch Options

All students will have the option to receive a free lunch and/or breakfast.

If your child would like to pack a lunch they are also able to do so.

This year our students will be traveling with their lunch card on a lanyard back and forth from school and home.

Instructional Day

Our instructional starts at 9:00am. Your child will be marked late after 9:00am. It is important for our students to arrive on time so they are not missing out on instruction. Thank you for your help.

Where's the bus App

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn the exact location of your child’s bus, and what time it will arrive at their stop? Red Clay has an app for that! WheresTheBusTM allows families to follow the progress of the bus before it arrives at the student’s assigned stop. Knowing when the bus will arrive translates into peace of mind for parents. Mornings are less hectic and stressful for families when you eliminate the bus stop rush and uncertainty of wondering when the bus will arrive. Families can minimize waiting outside in inclement weather while enjoying more family time together.

  • The app also allows parents to see in real-time where the bus is and when their student checked in on the bus and off of the bus. This allows parents to know that the student has arrived at school in the morning and returned home in the afternoon.

Signing up is free, and takes less than 5 minutes.


1. Open the Parents Section (on the Left).
2. Click Set Up Free Account
3. Select Red Clay School District (DE) from the drop-down list.
4. Enter Parent and Student information
5. Once Completed, you will receive an email to download the app.

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