Nuclear Fusion: Hit or Miss?

Reported by H.R. Hamilton

SJK Labs Incorporated Press Release

On December 11th, 2015, SJK Labs Incorporated has reported what they are calling a "successful breach into the world of nuclear fusion technology".

How Does it Compare to Nuclear Fission?

Nuclear Fission: the splitting of nuclei to produce exponential amounts of energy.

Nuclear Fusion: the combining of nuclei to produce energy, tenfold that of nuclear fission.

Founding Partners in the Research of Nuclear Fusion Technology of SJK Labs Incorporated Trials

What ARE the Breakthroughs, Exactly?

As exemplified above on Mr.Carey, nuclear radiation treatments have been extremely successful in re-activating hair follicles, more so than any hair-regrowth treatment on the market. The company has good reason to believe that this product will do incredibly well in the cosmetology and pharma markets.

The company has also patented a HIGHLY effective, potentially life-changing, type of solar panel designed to harness the Sun's heat rays, and plans to put them into place around the world where there are large glacial pockets, and melt them at a rate at which they can replenish, while still collecting fresh water for generations to come.

Fusion Energy Explained

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" We believe that what we are doing, especially in the case of our new solar panel technology, will leave the 21st century and it's current problems in the past, and introduce us into a new era of fair world-trade, and bring more conservation efforts to light, at a level previously never seen. A new day is dawning, and I smell profit, I smell problem-solving, and I smell progress. "

-said Sarah Kurt, CEO of SJK Labs Inc. when asked about the projected Economic Impact of their technologies