Weekly Newsletter / March 25, 2016

Four Seasons Produce Inc.

We have launched our transition and partnership with Four Seasons!!!

Our first wave will come in today, March 25th. Our end goal is to move away from JIT and into stocked options over time.

To better help you, a document was published to the Mid-Atlantic site to help keep you informed of items we are able to simply transition to Four Seasons along with any new codes we had to create. In addition, we outlined all produce codes and where each are coming from along with cut off times (keep in mind, this will be eliminated with stocked codes over time!!!). This can be found on the "Produce Cut Off Times" tab in the same document. We will continue to communicate as well as update the document as we continue to transition to Four Seasons. Each Four Seasons item will be stocked and not JIT, so communication of new business is critical to our success.


The Four Seasons Produce link below is a great sales resource. Their site provides information on local farmers, as well as provides history on our new produce partnership.

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New Item Requests

As a follow up to our meeting last month with each Market, we have created a SINGLE new item request form. There will be a few slight improvements to the process outlined below:

1. There will be two ways to submit new item requests. First, the established spreadsheet is a valuable time-saver and is recommended when a CDS is submitting multiple new items in one sitting. Second, the new item form can be used to populate one new item at a time. I have included a link below for both resources. I would imagine you will become comfortable with one format and stick with that, it is totally up to you!





2. Each CDS can send New Item Requests directly to newmaditem@gfs.com. This change will eliminate a potential delay in the process.

Note: The new single new item request form will be sent directly into the Master where the CDS can begin to track immediately (From approval/denial from you to sourcing). The spreadsheet will be shared with newmaditem@gfs.com​ as opposed to your MM. ​

3. We will continue gathering ALL new item requests in a Master-New Item Request Form. The form did change, due to written code established from the new single request form. This form will be live Monday, 3/28.


Results - Product Gaps: Sauces, Spices and Condiments

We received your feedback on Product Gaps: Sauces, Spices and Condiments survey. Marketing is taking action to to round out this subgroup and stock the items necessary for our market. You have the ability to review the responses as well as the feedback on each item. You will see these items in stock in the coming weeks, keep an eye out for inventory!!


Our next survey will consist of Dressings and Bases. We are leaning on you to round out our product mix by Subgroup, so please help by providing feedback.

Discontinued Blow Out Items- Need to Clean up the Slots

As a team, we have decided to Discontinue the following items (**these items have been reviewed and approved by the CDS team) due to lack of movement. However, we still have cases in the slots and need your help moving through this inventory allowing us to empty out the slot. We have added Hot Pricing to these items to help them move.

You will be directed to the Blow Out documents by clicking on the bar below.

Mid-Atlantic Blow Out Items (Discontinued)

Click here to review discontinued inventory as well as the amount of cases at risk.

New Items in STOCK!!!

We recently reviewed the list of items you shared with your Market Managers as a need for the market. In turn, Dennis published a list to the Daily Dish on Thursday morning including Grocery, Bakery and Non Foods items.
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Long Inventory Blow Out

We are a bit long on inventory on these items. We are offering hot pricing on "long" cases to help stabilize inventory and avoid the dreaded and very expensive liquidation. Please note these items are not being discontinued.

Lets work together to ensure we do not liquidate. Please click on the link below to review all of the items we NEED your help on. The list reviews the items and the cases at risk.

Long Inventory: Please help Move

Click here to review the inventory we are long on, as well as the amount of cases at risk.

Ole Mexican Foods- Representation Change

Ole Mexican Foods will be represented our market by Stillwater Provisions effective 3/30/2016.

Contact Information:

Barb Lutzi



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Looking for Point of Sale? We have you covered!

Gordon Food Service Branded Point of Sale

Looking for sales materials for brands? Click on this button review a file of Gordon Food Service brand Point of Sale. This is a great way to review content to the Mid Atlantic Division only; not to mention to review stocked branded items.

Corporate Capabilities Point of Sale

Looking for those materials that help tell the story of "Who we are" and "What we can do", by clicking this button you will be able to review those materials that tell this story. This is a great piece for New or Potential Customers

Building Your Business- How to Access Your BYB Folder

There seems to be some confusion on how to access your BYB folders.

1. Access your Google Drive

2. Type in "Your Name Building your Business" ie "John Smith Building your Business"

3. Your folder will pop up.

4. Click on your folder to access your files.

Mid-Atlantic Insider

Our weekly Insider can be found on the Mid-Atlantic site under Marketing Information.

This is a great resource to view market trends, new items, and discontinued items.

This weeks Insider will be posted on Monday, as it has not been released from Grand Rapids yet.


Price Increase - Reminder!

The tight supply on peppers has affected pricing on three of the GFS SKU's. Effective April 4, these three items are going up in price 17%. We are continuing to look for a packer label to help reduce short ships to customers. Will keep you posted as Learn more.

The affected SKUs are listed below: