Zitzman 411

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What's Happening This Week:

Pennies for Patients - last day is 3/14!

LIM Student Survey is open this week! (Links will be sent out via email to those it will affect)

Monday: Mrs. Armstrong out. Dr. Sladek @ ZE. PTO will be providing dinner for staff!

Tuesday: Dr. Sladek @ CE. NO PLC's. Good News Club @ 3:40. Team Savage @ 3:40pm. Family Learning Action Team @ 4:00pm. Grades 3-5 Writers Workshop @ 4:00pm. PTO Meeting at 6:00pm.

Wednesday: Student Learning Action Team @ 7:30am. Mrs. Armstrong will be providing dinner for staff! (Dr. Sladek will be at conferences @ ZE on Wed. night!)

Thursday: ZE Staff Mtg @ 7:30am.

Friday: NO SCHOOL.


It was discussed at length during the recent Safety Committee meeting that we no longer use magnets and all doors are to be locked at all times. The safety committee team is working with all law enforcement in the area and are having honest and tough conversations.

Another point that was made in the meeting focused on intruder drills and making sure every classroom door has a window cover (if you do not please email Dr. Sladek). Also during intruder drills making sure you pull the blinds on the outside windows or get students to a the safe corner - where they cannot be seen from any windows or door.

Big picture

Being Proactive and "The Flu" dunnn dunn dun

It has hit ZE! The custodial staff has been diligent in their efforts to disinfect - making sure to get everything in the cafeteria, the front entrance, door knobs, light switches, and pencil sharpeners. They will hit all that again tomorrow!

I would encourage a class meeting about hand washing, drinking lots of water, etc.

Nurse Cara has put together a letter that she is sending home with parents as needed but it is good for all of us to refer to in order to make sure the same message is being relayed! See the flyer below:

No PLCs this week.

FYI: I am uploading Feb. Evaluate scores into the Tiered MAPs this week. Make sure you have your blue Evaluate reflection sheet for February complete and ready to discuss February Evaluate scores and student supports at next week's PLC meeting. We will focus mostly on ELA and see if we have time for Math otherwise Feb. Math discussion will be the following week.


Parent-teacher conferences are formal times when parents and teachers come together to talk about a child's progress and prospects, but they should be far more. These conferences are also times for parents and guardians to learn that the teacher knows and cares for their child, opportunities to forge plans to work together, and occasions to help families feel comfortable and confident in the school community.

This can be a stressful week as we work many hours and feel drained. Make sure to take care of yourself first and foremost.... then make sure to be contagious!

A reminder.

Remember to find joy and SPREAD JOY. It's the little things in life that will get us through :)

An awesome idea I read about this weekend is having a Gratitude Journal.

Here is a link with more info: https://www.scholastic.com/parents/books-and-reading/raise-a-reader-blog/gratitude-journal-for-kids.html

Here is video with more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxFRx-87-Qo

With that in mind I want to leave this here for you:

I am grateful for you! Sometimes I forget to thank the people who make life function and enjoyable in so many ways. Sometimes I forget to tell them how much I really do appreciate them for being so important in my life and throughout each day. SO THANK YOU, all of you, for just being YOU! I am thankful for you and all you do.