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Let's talk about changes of state!


In the film Ice age: The meltdown, the principal change of state is the

fusion, when a solid changes to a liquid. Every thing started with the

Global warming, and the guys from Ice Age have to escape of an massive



In the film 2012, apart of a lot of natural disasters, we can observe a change

of state that is called deposition, this is when a gas particle changes directly

to a solid. Some things from the film could happen in the real live.


This documentary talks about a change of state called vaporisation: when a

liquid changes to gas. It talks about the consequences of the drought in the

zones with big forest.


The principal change of state in this film is the solidification: when a liquid

turns to a solid. The main characters have to survive of a sudden change of

temperature. In real life this thinks could happen in the future.

By Tudor Hanganu

Global dimming

Causes: Use of sprays. The particles act how condensation nucleus, made drops that unit to

the natural drops of the clouds.

Effects: The clouds reflect more solar light than they usually do, causing the decrease of

the temperature in day and the increase in the night. The evaporation level has decreased,

consequently of the us of the sprays.

More INFO:

The ice, the volcano eruption and the snow reflect the light solar. As a result of the global

dimming, the snow increase and some chemists have say that it can do a ice age. All the

prediccions of down temperatures are in contradiccion of global warming, that shows that the

temperatures have increase.

Others causes, also the ice, the snow, the sprays and the volcano’s dust, the steles of

aeroplanes they can do a cause.

The global dimming hides the effects of the global warming: as global dimming dissapear, the

increase of temperature would be impactant. The graphs shows that in 2030 the temperature

increase 2 degrees and in 2100, 10 degrees.

In the water cycle, the global dimming decrease it the evaporation, causin more droughts

and minus rains. A theory shows that the unbalance between the global dimming and global

warming will create a world more dark and warm, with a atmosphere more humit and a world

with minus precipitations.

Some scientists have proposed use the global dimming by stop it the global warming when

arrive ain a crític status.

by Arnau Dols

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Questions and Answers

Climate dimming affects the magnetic poles?

No, the magnetic poles are a think and another think are the geographic poles, the magnetic poles are influenced by the convection currents in the outer core of the earth (are a series of molten metal found at the core of the earth that make the magnetic field). Climate dimming affects the poles, which,are in process of melting and if the poles disappears some animals like the penguins will die.

The greenhouse effect is:

1.-The sun's rays reach the earth and the oceans

2.-The land and oceans absorb some of the solar radiation.

3.-Usually a part of the heat is reflected and goes into space.

4.-But as the result of the greenhouse gases, a part of the heat are reflected and heat the poles causing the disappearance of some animals.

We are really against climate change?

There are new and stronger evidence showing that most of the warming observed since the Industrial Revolution can be attributed to increased emissions of greenhouse gases make it by the human activities.

What type of gases make the greenhouse effect?

We find a lot of gases but the more important gases are:

Carbon dioxide (CO2) that is the 54%

Methane (CH4) that is the 12%

Nitrous oxide (N2O) that is the 6%

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC 11.12) that is the 21

by Julià Morancho

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