2013 Report!

Shining Diamonds

What an amazing 2013 we had! I did a lot of reflecting on the plane ride to San Fran this past week and I couldn't believe how we have grown! Did you know that the Shining Diamonds added 5 new STAR Leaders and 2 new Senior Stylists to our team last year? In December of 2012, we were a mighty team of 57 amazing fearless women. In 2013 we doubled to a STRONG 127 incredible entrepreneurs! We added 70 new STYLISTS! How cool is that??!!!

What will 2014 bring? I don't know yet, but I have a feeling that the Shining Diamonds are going to GROW a ton this year! So many of you have amazing goals and DREAMS that WILL be reality this time next year! Your teams are doubling, your sales are soaring and your HEARTS are BRIGHTER than ever!

This is our year ladies! I challenge you to take ten minutes this weekend and think about your Goal for 2014. Write it down and take a picture of it! If you want, POST it to our team page! We will help you keep you accountable!!! We would love to CHEER you on!

Cheers to YOU and your 2013 and to a legendary 2014!

Stef xo

Congratulations TOP SELLERS of 2013!

Top TEN in Sales!

Congratulations to the following ladies who were also in our TOP TEN in sales for 2013!

Erin Kohrherr (Senior Stylist)- 30,961

Suzy Albert (Senior Stylist)- 29,267

Kate Foster (Star Stylist)- 28,225

Jeanine Nau (Senior Stylist)- 27731

Lauren Harrington (Lead Stylist)- 24, 859

Ann Marie Phillips (Lead Stylist)- 17,038

Mary McGarr (Lead Stylist)- 13, 464

Congratulations to everyone for an incredible year!!

2014 !!!!

New Jumpstart for ALL! Yes, you have a second chance starting NOW!

Team Updates!

Check out the Team Facebook CHAT last night! scroll through and see what was learned at Director's Conference and what new things are coming our way!


I also did a RECAP call today! Missed it?? Listen to the recording!

Participant access code: 854109

Playback number: (530) 881-1399

We are also doing a SEVEN DAYS OF STELLA Challenge! Participate in any of our challenges and you get a point ! I will be raffling off $100 in product credit tomorrow morning! Have time today? Complete one or all seven!


As always, I am here to help you in any way! Please feel free to message me, call, text or post on our FB team page! We love to all help one another!