whole numbers and decimal division steps


1.First you get a division problem

2.Next you estimate your second number to the nearest ten

3.Next you find a friendly number to that nearest ten number

4.Next you draw a division house

5.You put your first number inside the house and the second number you put on the left of the house

6.Then you see if the first number out side the box or house can go into the number inside the house

7.Next you put the number of times you can go into the number inside the house on top of the house.

8.Next you put the total under the number in the center and subtract the total from the number in the middle.

9.Next if you have a remainder then you bring down the next number and do the same thing as step 6

10.Then you do the same step as step 8

11.Then if there is no more numbers to bring down you right a R on top if the house if when you subtract and there is no number then you do not right a R on top.

12 .Then you multiply the answer on top and the one on the left and that is the final step.

if you are doing decimals all you have to do is in the beginning of the problem you bring you decimal point up.

The Steps to Long Division