Paleozoic Era


Come with me to explore Carboniferous 290 million years ago!

Deadly poisonous centipedes some six feet (two meters) in length crawled in the company of mammoth cockroaches and scorpions as much as three feet (one meter) long. Most impressive of all were dragonflies that grew to the size of seagulls. One exquisitely detailed fossil of a dragonfly that died 320 million years ago shows it had a wingspan of 2.5 feet (0.75 meters).

We are bringing people to the Carboniferous stage, June,7,2016.

Time 9:30am

We will be visiting the Dragonfly before it was small, Cockroach etc. Wear Pants and bring clothes for if it gets hot.

Guaranteed to be an amazing experiance

People ask if you they will be okay. Yes, you will be okay we have protective equipment provided for you.

We are TTAS