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Week in Review

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MTE Calendar

Mon 11/9

7:30 Building Opens

4:30 School Improvement Team

6:30 Building Closes

Tuesday 11/10

7:30 Building Opens

9:25 5th TLT

10:20 4th TLT

11:!5 3rd TLT

12:45 1st TLT

1:40 KDG TLT

2:3 2nd TLT

6:30 Building Closes

Wed 11/11

7:20 Building Opens (opens early on Wednesdays)

7:40 Staff Meeting via TEAMS

6:30 Building Close

Thur 11/12

7:30 Building Opens

5:30-6:30 FALL FAMILY FUN NIGHT/Drive Thru Edition

Fri 11/13

7:30 Building Opens

8:00 Remote Teacher Check in

6:30 Building Closes

Looking Ahead...


11/18 Student Problem Solving

11/23-11/27 Thanksgiving Week

Instructional Information

Tele-Teach??- As we continue to have teachers/para go into quarantine, we have more staff working from home. If you choose to tele-teach it is our expectation that you stick with your class schedule/pull out schedule AND dress appropriately for class. Take note of what might be in your background. #keepitclassy

TLTs & Meetings - We will be holding all meetings that involve being together for more than 10 minutes via TEAMS. Leasha and I are trying not to be hermits but also need to be safe. We do NOT want to have the office staff quarantined! Our doors are open. We are available. We may not be "visible" as much as we want to be... but you can always reach out. Use TEAMS for TLT, IEP, Committee Meetings.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences - This year we will utilize TEAMS for all conferences. Teachers may start conferences the week of November 11/17. We do not have students on Monday 11/23 and Tuesday 11/24. Staff may work from home on those days to complete conferences. We expect a 100% attendance rate this year.

Infinite Campus/Parent Contact Log- It is a district (and building) expectation that every student has a minimum number of personal contacts made. As we started looking into attendance and academic concerns this week, we noticed that there are a lot of students missing contact NOTES for this year. I don't expect you to make note every single time, but a minimum is required. ANY STUDENT with academic/attendance concerns should have notes. This supports admin as they make contact home. Thank you for making this a priority.

Conferences- Turn in completed conference form once all meetings have taken place. Make every effort to meet with 100% of your families. If you have conferences scheduled for Monday 11/23 or Tuesday 11/24 please let Aron/Leasha know.

MTE Staff News

Take It Serious - Thank you for waiting to sign your daily forms in front of Facio. Whenever a staff member has symptoms or tests positive we must go through and verify their daily forms and confirm with ASC. Under an abundance of caution, if you have symptoms, be honest and get tested!

November is Denim Appreciation Month - This year, we would like to celebrate! That being said, we encourage you to 'dress up your denim' and keep it classy. I wonder what we appreciate in December??? :)

Board of Education/Focus on Achievement- Every year we are asked to present to the BOE about our school... What makes it different? What do we want to highlight? Why we are the best!

Obviously this year our "presentation" will look different. We will be putting together a video to showcase some of the amazing things happening at MTE. Here are some of our ideas, but please share if you have more!

-Clips of REMOTE teachers

-Clips of Remote Pick-Up


-Daily announcement made by classrooms and broadcast each day

-KC Ballet using TEAMS to teach ballet

-Lunch staff passing out breakfast in the morning

-Classroom clips of "in person" happenings: service providers like ot/pt; socially distanced learning, our staff having a Staff Meeting via TEAMS, SITE COUNCIL via TEAMS

-TLT meetings (socially distanced) focused on data/teaching/learning