Rubén a policeman.

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Rubén is an everyday hero because: Rubén, a National police has saved the life of a woman who fell on the subway tracks in Madrid when a train entered the station. The traveler fainted and slumped forward, where the tracks without any traveler could do nothing to prevent the fall were. At the time of the event a train was about to enter the station, but the quick reaction of a police officer, who was on the platform, avoided the accident: he fell to the rails and grabbed the body to pull the rugged place: first moved to the other track and then took the opposite walk with the help of other travelers. The train driver was able to stop in time thanks to the agent observed running down the tracks and other citizens warning that slow down the convoy.

Rubén works as a policeman. One day for a police officer means starting work at eight o’clock to three o’clock and has differents shifts. He works in the street.

At work, he has to look after the citizens . To be a police officer you need these skills: empathi and compassion ; multi-talking ; courage and responsibility and good judgment.

I would hate to be a police officer because it’s boring. I would prefer to be a computer assistant because I like computers.