ALASconnectED Summer PD 2016

Will You Play with us?

Albert Lea teachers are invited to continue to play with Google Apps and digital learning tools this summer.

If you visited a PLAYDATE session at ALASconnectED LIVE on June 6, you know how this works. You are encouraged to play with tools independently or collaboratively, sharing your thoughts, ideas, resources, and comments together as you play. There is no set agenda, just time to play!

The PLAYDATE guides are included below, and you are welcome to play on your own from home. However, we'll also be offering in-person PLAYDATES on several Wednesday afternoons in June, July, and August. Kenneth Griswold will be on hand for coaching and support if desired. Check the schedule below, and sign up if you are interested. Be sure to check out the opportunity to earn your Google Educator certification, described below as well.

Tech PLAYDATES schedule

Location: Brookside RM 230

Wednesday June 15, 12PM - 2PM

Wednesday June 22, 12PM - 2PM

Wednesday July 13, 12PM - 2PM

Wednesday July 20, 12PM - 2PM

Wednesday July 27, 12PM - 2PM

Wednesday August 10, 12PM - 2PM


select from any one or more of the available dates.

Interested in Earning your Google Educator Certification?

For those interested in focusing their play on Google Apps, you are invited to dig in to the excellent educator-focused training at the official Google for Education Training Center. You are also welcome to join the Wednesday PLAYDATES for coaching and support with Kenneth Griswold.

Any teacher who successfully passes the Level 1 Google Educator exam may submit their credentials to the district office to be reimbursed for the cost of the exam ($10), and we'll recognize your achievement at the Back-to-School event in August. Of course, you may also count the hours you spend in training toward your contract flex hours for 2016-17.