Bright - "A School to Emulate!"

A Fresh Start - 8/22-8/26/16

First Week of School!

Meet the teacher was fantastic! The parents shared great feedback about their meetings with you. Everyone is excited about having a "Fresh Start" and we are well on our way to becoming "A School to Emulate!"

The first day of student arrival is Monday and I know you are eager to get the school year underway. Many parents will walk their children down to the classrooms on Monday morning so professional dress is expected. Kinder parents are invited to join the admin team in the library at 8 am for a "Yahoo / Boohoo" breakfast. It will be a busy time. Throughout the rest of the week students will be learning new morning procedures for going through the breakfast serving line and sitting by grade level until they are picked up at 7:20 am. We will need all hands on deck. If you are available to support, please join us in the cafeteria this week.

Many of you shared that you are feeling better about our dismissal procedures. The first week is always an adjustment. Be mindful of where your students are during dismissal so that we can quickly clarify any confusion should it arise.

There is a template available to list all students who ride home by bus, daycare or attend Alphabest. This will help those on duty to verify that all students are accounted for. You can find the form in the Bright Staff Google folder and Arrival_Dismissal sub folder. Note the tabs at the bottom of the page.

Please make a positive contact to the parents of the students in your homeroom this week. Our parents want to know that their children are making a positive contribution. Also, when we show our parents that we have their child's best interest at heart, they are more willing to team with us if we have to have difficult conversations this year.

Lastly, you will notice on the site-calendar that meetings are scheduled on Wednesdays until 4:15 pm. These meetings may not apply to all, but I am asking that all professional staff be available every Wednesday until 4:15 pm. This will allow you additional time to plan with your teams to create the best learning environment for our students. On Fridays, all professional staff are free to leave immediately after students have been safely dismissed. We have a lot of learning to do together and I am committed to providing the time for us to do so.

Thanks everyone and let's have a great first week!

Instructional Highlights

This week we should be focused on four major concepts before any academic learning will occur:

Procedures, procedures, procedures!

Relationships, relationships, relationships!

Culture, culture, culture!

Community, community, community!

If it takes all week to establish procedures, build relationships, develop culture and create community then use the entire week! It's worth the effort and in the long run we will gain instructional time.

Keep in mind all of the learning we did together (culture, procedures, SEL & PBIS, four pillars of PLC and T-TESS). We will talk more as a group on developing SMART goals.


We are starting the 1st week of school and one of our lovely students is bound to say something that will put a smile on our faces. When you hear it, send it my way and you will see it here!

Great Job!

Sharla for spending hours preparing our "Fresh Start" kits and getting all of our furniture moved. Jordan & Cassie for making our wonderful name plates. Heather & Angela for helping to develop our campus-wide PBIS and creating visuals. Yukki for creating and posting our BRIGHT signs above the bulletin boards in the cafeteria. Starla for scheduling and rescheduling and rescheduling and rescheduling... Fourth Grade Team for working together to develop a great schedule. Lonai for being a team player and moving from the kinder team to the fourth grade team just days before the student arrival. Jill for being proactive and setting up a home visit with one of our new families. Kristen & Yvette for getting our backpack tags copied and picked up in time for the 1st day of school. Send your KUDOS my way and you will see them here. Kinder Team for being patient and positive as we work through staffing.

This Week!

8/22 - First Day of School

8/24 - Professional Learning 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm (Professional Staff ONLY)

8/26 - First Good Morning Bright 8 am

8/26 - Free to Leave Immediately after Student Dismissal "All Clear" (Professional Staff ONLY)

Principal's Schedule

8/24 - Training at Admin Building 9 am - 10 am

Happy Birthday!

8/5 - Debbie

8/5 - Sharon

8/8 - Laurie

8/10 - Fabiana

8/24 - Lenise

8/25 - Kari

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