Respiratory System: The Lungs

Everything starts with just a simple breath!!!!

Respiration-Ventilation 3D Medical Animation

Fun Fact!!!

Every day the body breaths 20 thousand times. By the time we reach 70 years old, that’s about 600 million breaths. All breathing accrues because of the respiratory system.


The windpipe (also called trachea) goes from our mouth to our lungs.
Nose, throat, voice box, windpipe, and lungs
The two airwaves of the nose and mouth meet up at the pharynx.
The walls of the wind pipe Is strong by stiff rings of cartilage
the windpipe divides into two branches. each of these enter one of the two lungs of the body.
each branch resembles the limbs of a tree and dividing into smaller finer branches called the bronchial. the bronchiole ends in tiny air sacs called alveoli and oxygen passes through these air sacs. and travel through the capillary wall and into the bloodstream. at the same time co2 travel through the bloodstream into the air sacs where it get breathed out of the body. exercise=more oxygen.
over time exercise also helps our chest gets bigger which enables the body to increase the amount of oxygen it takes in.

Pictures of Respiratory System and Organs


1) How does the respiratory system help our body?

- helps the blood flow and get more oxygen

2) Where do the 2 airways meet?

- Pharynx

3) What does exercise do to our body?

- Helps us get more oxygen flowing

4) What is another name for the wind pipes?

- Trachea

5) What is another system that helps the Respiratory system?

- skeletal