The Lucky Charms

October Newslettter


What an awesome month!!! Congrats to the entire team is in order. We finished with our strongest month yet and many of you had your best month so far!! I am so proud of you all whether you just started your journey or are a seasoned owl.

A few of you promoted levels....YAY!! I will announce those on the 10th when the promotions go into effect in the back office. I am so excited for you ladies!

Don't forget, if you haven't signed up for your Payquicker card you MUST do so. Beginning Nov 8th all commissions will be paid via this method only. Be sure to check the back office under resources if you still need to do so.

Our new system launch, how exciting, will be a benefit to you and your business. Upgraded features like saving your orders in your cart, search function and team reports are just a few. Be sure to view ALL of the training videos in the back office so that you are ready to go as this holiday season will be a busy one!!

What goals have you set for yourself during this holiday season? Add more team members, host more shows, increase your JB averages?? Whatever it is this is the time. People are already in the mindset to holiday shop, utilize this to your advantage.


I heard this from our Sr. Director Melissa Ghane and think it is an awesome tip. Find out who your "targets" are at your JBs. These will be the customers who say "oh I will get it next time or I will just have to wait". These are the perfect customers to explain our hostess rewards to!! They like our product but it just isn't in their budget, why not let them know what they can earn for FREE!!! When the JB is over and you have your subtotal let them know "Susie is earning xxx in FREE product just for having you all over tonight to hang out and shop." Utilize those awesome hostess rewards!!

Rockstar PV for October!!

1500+ Club

Jessica Belanger 1689.92

Ashley Marquez 1626.38

Kimberly Larsen 1565.81

1000+ Club

Claudine Edwards 1492.40

Kim Scott 1024.40

500+ Club

Lacey Bilbruck 976.33

Tonya Clark 822.10

Tracy Mejia 668.35

Amber Houston 634.50