Think before you drink

Is alocohol really worth "having a good time?"

Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAC)

Many women when having a baby on the way think just a little sip of alcohol wont affect their baby, but it does in more then one ways. for example the baby can be born with growth retardation, features like the eyes and jaw will be smaller then normal, memory problem, also prevents from learning as quick as others poor judgement. FAC is one of the leading causes for birth defect each year 5,000 to 12,000 and growing are born with this.

The dangers of binge drinking

our bodies can only handle one bottle of alcohol and hour so it can process correctly. but is anyone really going to stop "the fun" for and hour, even in some movies when a party is showed there will will be someone drinking one after another but what they don't tell you binge drinking can cause unplanned and unprotected sex, pregnancies and hivs.

death by alcohol use

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