Circle Towanda Elementary

Parent Newsletter ~ May 2021

Mrs. Terri Turner, Principal ~

Towanda Primary ~ Early Childhood - 2nd grade


Towanda Intermediate ~ 3rd - 6th grade


Mrs. Turners Tidbits

Whoa! Nelly! Time is flying by so quickly! There is no way this is the last of the newsletters for my career! The kids have made this an exceptionally great year. Thanks to all of the teachers, support staff, parents, and students for making this school such an amazing place for children!

I have to reflect on the past month as our year concludes. We have made it through one of the spring music programs, planned a few field trips and just made it through this incredibly strange year! I believe that the conclusion of the year will be an amazing one and, hopefully, a successful one! I personally feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be in person for learning all year long! What a great thing for our children!

Thanks to all the parents who made it out, or plan to make it to our programs this Spring. It was an experiment to see if we could make it work. It may not have been as easy as in the past but at least we all got to be there in person. It is always so nice to hear our students sing. They really do have incredible voices and it’s just nice to get to see them in a more traditional way.

The students and staff have done an amazing job with all the new requirements for this different year. I have been impressed with how well everyone has done with them. In the midst of all the changes, we still did the required drills. The Primary kids request a “hide and seek” drill all the time. They love it when they get to hide from me in the building and sometimes, they even get to sneak away from the building! It is amazing to hear how quickly our building goes silent when we hold one of these drills. I have been impressed with how serious everyone is during the drills. Thanks to all of you for understanding when we cannot allow you into the building during a drill.

We have made it through all of the spring testing for the state of Kansas. You should receive the information about how your child scored in the fall. I am sure you heard all about the tests from your 3-6th graders. It was scary for me to read some of the questions they were asking our students to figure out. I was impressed with their efforts. Great job everyone!

We will finish our testing for MTSS soon too. We use the testing program called AIMSweb plus. It is a universal screening tool that allows for progress monitoring and data management throughout the year. This allows us to have reliable information to group students for RTi (Response to Intervention) that the state requires. We have seen tremendous growth in the past. We hope our students will show the effort they have given in their MTSS groups and show growth on the AIMSweb testing. This data will assist us on placement in groups when we return in August.

Just a few “mom” or “dad” reminders for these final weeks! I have had to remind more than a couple students that I am not on summer vacation and that I haven’t retired yet so they certainly can’t act like they are on break. I know these last few weeks have either been windy, cold or so warm it feels like summer, but we still have lots to cover to prepare for their next adventure in education! Please remind your student that school is still in session and we do have certain behavior expectations for each student. Also, please remind your child to let a teacher know if there is a problem. It is MUCH easier to resolve the same day that it occurs. When it comes home and must be addressed the following day, it often gets confusing and difficult to solve.

Now for the summer reminders…Please try to limit the time the children play video games. Brain research shows that video games can change the way we learn. When children (and adults) are watching TV and also playing on their phone or tablet, the brain cannot process so much information at once. The brain then begins to put information in the wrong spots and you are not able to quickly recall or even remember the information that should have been stored. You might find that is happening to your own brain as well. It also makes it harder for children to hear and understand directions as they begin to focus solely on the video game. Please have them spend time just playing outside. Let them claim to be bored. I know I hated going back home when the street lights came on when I was a child. I was young long before video games and cell phones were around. I believe there is so much to learn by being outside in nature, far more than sitting and playing a video game. You can blame me if they complain too much. They have heard it from me and will hear it again.

At my house we limited the “game time” to weekends only. When the games are put away, you may hear “I’m bored!” Don’t worry! Offer them many jobs to do around the house and I bet they will find something to do very quickly! It’s also good to get bored at times. I have learned to love those times and treasure them too. I don’t go and ask someone to find something for me to do. I figure something out or I just enjoy the moment. It does not hurt any of us to have a few moments with nothing to do.

Finally, try to get to the library as often as possible. Summer is one time you might try to have nightly family reads. You may also have one night designated as game night. These are great bonding times with your children and you do begin to build a different relationship with them. It is always fun when we do these things at my house!

Again, thanks for the wonderful year! It has been a blessing to work with all the children at the Circle Towanda Elementary Schools. Enjoy your time together this summer! I will cherish my memories of just how wonderful it was to be such a big part of your child(ren)’s lives for all these years. I have been blessed to have been a part of something so wonderful, rare and rewarding. Thank you for your support, love and kindness...


May 3~ PTO/Site Council meeting - via Zoom@4:15pm

May 4 ~ Music Program Rehearsal for 3rd & 4th grades @8:30am ~ 5th & 6th grades @10am

May 4 ~ Spring Music Program @CHS Amphitheater

~ 3rd & 4th gr. @6:30pm ~5th & 6th gr. @7:15pm - Bring lawn chairs or blankets for seating

May 3-7 ~ Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7 ~ 1st grade Field Trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park - 9am-2pm

May 18 ~ Freddy's Fundraiser Night 5-9pm

May 24 ~ PK class Field Trip to the Augusta Castle Park - 8:45-10:30 (AM class) 12:45-2:30 (PM class)

May 25 ~ 6th grade Field Trip to the Towanda Baseball Diamonds 9:30am-1:30pm

May 26 ~ 4th grade Field Trip to the Towanda Baseball Diamonds 9am-1pm

May 27 ~ Last Day of School ~ Dismissal at 1:00 pm

June 1 - June 4 ~ 8:30am- 12:00pm - Summer School - Tuesday - Friday at the Primary

June 7 - June 24 ~ 8:30am - 12:00pm - Summer School - Monday - Thursday at the Primary


The Vision and Purpose of Circle USD 375, in partnership with our communities, is to educate each student to be an engaged, knowledgeable citizen and responsible, productive worker in the 21st Century.


May PTO Meeting ~ Monday, May 3 @ 4:15pm via Zoom (link will be emailed that day)

  • THANK YOU to all those that bought Smencils and Lollipops! The kids really enjoyed these!

  • Our 1st ever FREDDY’S Fundraiser Night will be Tuesday, May 18th from 5-9pm. Watch for a flyer to come home, and a post on Facebook with all the details.

  • Teachers & Staff Appreciation Week is May 3-7. Please help us spoil our amazing teachers and staff! If you signed up by email to send things, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We really appreciate it!

  • Don't forget to keep scanning those receipts for BOXTOPS. Every little bit helps!

Thank you for your support! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Music News

Hello from the Music Room(s)! This year has been a good one for our students as we have studied music composers, listened to each other's song choices, played homemade instruments and worked on program music. I enjoyed being in the different grade-level classrooms throughout the building, because I got to be in the students' regular environment, instead of them always coming to mine. We had a virtual Christmas program and then were blessed to have a live, outdoor program to finish the year!! So fun! Our 5th and 6th grade band students had small sessions of band class, and now we will finish the year playing all together. We also enjoyed getting to know and learn from Sidnie Davidson, a student teacher from KSU. She has been a great asset to our students and to me personally. She has truly connected with our kids and staff in the buildings. We will miss her as she leaves us to graduate and work at several elementary schools in Winfield this fall. Thanks for your support of the music department in our schools.

Library News

We are pleased to announce that kindergartners and first graders have returned to the library for checkout! (With plenty of hand sanitizing and social distancing, of course!) The kindergarten classes have time slots set aside two days a week for students who have brought their library books back to school to visit the library to check out new ones. And the first grade classes have time slots set aside five days a week for checkout. The students have been so excited to have an entire wall of bookshelves from which to choose books as opposed to the limited selection available on the “Book Bus” (the library cart).

The online book fair and the Bucks for Books fundraiser were a tremendous success! The book fair had enough sales for the library to earn over $500 in books from Scholastic and the Bucks for Books fundraiser raised over $2000! The library recently ordered 105 books with some of that money and will be ordering more soon. We were overwhelmed by the support for this fundraiser and so very grateful to everyone who contributed! Thank you!!!

The March Book Madness tournament wrapped up on April 7th. Students at the intermediate school participated by filling out brackets and by voting throughout March on what books they would like to see win out of the match-ups for each week. The grand champions were Pacho Nacho in the picture book category and Lifeboat 12 (my personal favorite!) in the middle grade novel category. Students who correctly predicted the winner before the tournament started received candy bars and for the top two most accurately filled-out brackets at each grade level, Walmart gift cards were awarded.

In Accelerated Reader (AR) news, students have until May 20th to reach their 4th nine weeks goals. Here are the top point-earners from the 3rd nine weeks:

  • 2nd grade: Brooks Lechien (19.0), Jayce Allen (17.6), Paige Couey (13.5)

  • 3rd grade: Alice Leatherwood (25.3), Hadley Walck (21.6), Esther Crawford (20.8)

  • 4th grade: Alicia Gibson (49.5), Henry Koehn (23.5), Teddy Martin (23.0)

  • 5th grade: Aryia Barker (123.0), Jaydra Gibson (85.7), Brianna Searcy (28.7)

  • 6th grade: Brianna Paul (91.9), Scarlett Stockdale (43.2), Alex Crawford (35.2)

Thanks to Gambino’s for generously donating free mini pizza coupons for all of the students who met their goals!


APRIL - Students of the Month - HOPE

Josey Vazquez, Eli Faulkner, Gabriel Lewis, Kayden Marlnee, Owen Seidl, Alexis Lowry, Ariah VanArsdale, Grady Fowler, Rylee Mitchell, Tip Cloud, Ivan Gutierrez, Levi Weishaar, Zane Hise, Taelynn Davenport, Bentley Schmidt, Kasyn McGlothin, Jensen Rose, Chord Gooding, Gauge AraSmith, Hadley Walck, David Lewis, Jonathan Arden, Cambria Langstaff, Lyla Richards, Aubrey Marley, Paradyse Deloach, Sophia Hatter, Jordan Johnson, Rylee Pugh

MAY - Students of the Month - ATTITUDE

Masson Cleveland, Henree Pierce, Bradley Burt, Annabelle O'Connor, Ryker Meisch, Leif Rich, Mace Watkins, Tallen Cleveland, Sam Sabala, Travis Sapp, Trinity Sapp, Theo Frack, Tori Mulder, Rylee Taylor, Trystan Moyer, Brianna Searcy, Tucker Janzen, Morgan Harvey, Ella Davis, Sophia Thunberg, Aydn Harmon