2MU News

Week of March 2, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians

What a week...rain, snow, and ice...yet 2MU did not let the weather hold us back from having fun and learning! Read on to learn more about 2MU's fun-filled week!


  • This week we read Luke Goes to Bat.
  • We learned about story Sequence of Events looking for time order words~transitions words- such as first, next, then, after that, and finally.
  • We discussed why the order of events matters when reading a story.
  • We learned about Antonyms
  • During Grammar, we learned about subject-verb agreement when using pronouns
  • We practiced reading with "stress" by reading to a partner


  • We completed our Small Moment stories. Some of the students peer shared their stories. They also peer edited and revised their writings.
  • We began our next unit on opinion writing~ Unit 3~Writing About Reading. Stay tuned to learn more about how the children learn to write to persuade their readers.


  • We conducted a Math exploration learning how to divide $5 between 4 people and creating patterns with 2 geometric shapes.
  • We learned the terms mean, median, and range
  • We learned how to measure using centimeters and inches. The children discovered that we get a larger number when measuring in centimeters because centimeters a smaller units of measurement~the space between each centimeter is much smaller than the spaces between inches.
  • We worked with partners to measure arm spans and jumps using a tape measure ~ measuring in both centimeters and inches.


  • We viewed tutorials on how to make Power Point Presentations
  • Some of the students began creating their first ever PowerPoint Presentaion

Other Activities

  • We celebrated Dr. Seuss with our 4L Buddies. See activity details and photos below
  • This week, the students learned how to use iPads to read QR codes. During guided reading, some of the students had the opportunity to use iPads to read QR codes. The QR codes linked to Dr. Seuss books. The students will continue to work with QR codes in all subject areas...stay tuned.

Dr. Suess Activity with our 4L Buddies

We read our favorite Dr. Seuss book with our 4L buddy. Then we created a Cat in the Hat. On the hat, we wrote rhyming words, onomatopoeia words, metaphors, similes, and personification. We had a great time reading our books, writing our discovered words, and creating our finished "Cat in the Hat" projects.

Partner Reading with "Stress"

Math Centers

During Math, we learned how to measure in inches and centimeters. To help us use our new skills, the students worked with partners to measure each other's arm span. They also measured how far each partner could jump. They used chips to mark their starting point and their end jumping point. Then they measured the distance in centimeters and inches. Each partner jumped two times. Finally, the children circled their greater distance jumped.

Viewing Turorials and Creating PowerPoint Presentations

Star Student of the Week~ Anna Przybylski

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