Washington Sneak Peek at Next Week

August 16, 2020

From Lori & Stephanie...

Team Washington,

Well, this was not the Back To School that we had envisioned for our staff. Like you, we are constantly working to make peace with our reality, instead of wishing for what could have been. But that's OK. We'll continue to focus on the silver linings and practice gratitude. We ate breakfast tacos. We ate donuts. And oh my, we ate so much chocolate. We were able to gather together. We posted for pictures. We played. We laughed. We learned. We planned. We created. We relished leisurely lunches. We accomplished A LOT. And yes, there is still a lot to do. Even though this process has been hard, we will keep moving. We will keep trying. We will keep asking questions and searching for the answers.

THANK YOU for choosing to be a part of this staff. THANK YOU for being lifelong learners. THANK YOU for being willing to shift gears so we can do what's best for our students. THANK YOU for giving each other grace. THANK you for giving the office team grace. I know we can do this. Always remember, WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!

With gratitude,

Lori & Stephanie

Mindset is Everything...

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Back To School PD - Week 2

Please refresh your memory of our PD Schedule this week.

Monday Morning PD

  • We will start in classrooms, not in the library.
  • Gather with your team in one classroom.
  • Watch the curriculum video with your grade level team
  • After each core content presentation/explanation you will be directed to "pause." Take time to discuss what you heard and how it applies to your grade level/planning before moving to the next content area.
  • As a team, review the slide show. It will have links available for additional resources, etc that you may find helpful.

  • Compile a list of questions for Curriculum Coordinators.
  • Decide which team member will attend each content zoom meeting.
  • Curriculum Coordinators will be available to discuss and answer any curriculum questions you may have during the Q&A sessions on zoom.

Monday Afternoon PD

  • Join the SeeSaw-Getting Families and Students Connected zoom meeting at 1:00. You can join this as a team or individually.

Tuesday PD

  • You will be working in your rooms and planning with your team all day.
  • Join the FAST Assessment zoom meeting with Ann Rosales at 10:30. You can join this as a team or individually.

Wednesday PD

  • You will be working in your rooms and planning with your team most of the day.
  • Join the Maintaining Equity and Inclusion in a Virtual Learning Environment training at 8:30. You can join this as a team or individually.

Thursday PD

  • You will be working in your rooms and planning with your team all day.
  • Reach out to Amanda, Tracey or Macey if you need additional training on SeeSaw.

Friday PD

  • You will be working in your rooms and planning with your team most of the day.
  • Join the SeeSaw Share Out zoom meeting at 8:30.
  • Be prepared to share something from SeeSaw that you have prepared for students. This could be your welcome video, a Get To Know You activity, etc. We will watch everyone's creativity shine!
  • You will need to join individually because you will be sharing your screen.

Covid-19 Reporting Form

It is critical that all reported Covid-19 cases and potential cases are documented for contract tracing and safety purposes. Please read the information below carefully and reach out with any questions.

This form will be used to report positive COVID-19 employees, students, or patrons. It will be completed by an NPS employee who tests positive or has close contact with an individual positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days (as defined in the form description) OR

an NPS employee who receives notification that a student or patron tested positive or had close contact with an individual positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days


Curriculum Info

District-wide Curriculum Expectations

It is essential that all teachers, in all grade levels are using our adopted Wonders and Everyday Math curriculum with fidelity. Now, more than ever, we need to work together to provide consistency across the school district. The content coordinators and directors are working collaboratively and will have a modified first quarter pacing guide that narrows the instructional focus to a few content standards. This will help teachers create lesson plans that are laser focused on critical content which will help close academic gaps and ensure continued academic progress for all students.

Technology Update

Are you interested in requesting a new app or software to use with your class? Please check out this webpage to find all you need to know to place a request. https://sites.google.com/norman.k12.ok.us/district-apps/app-and-software-requests

PTA Membership

We are getting closer to 100% of our staff joining PTA! To receive a PTA stipend this year you must be a member. Please support the wonderful parents who support us so well! You can purchase your membership here: https://washpta.square.site/product/pta-membership/2?cs=true. Thank you!

Class Lists

Emily will be entering students into classes on Monday, Aug. 17. Class lists will be available to you on Monday also. Fyi, Emily only has access to Infinite Campus, not your SeeSaw account.

Class lists will be ready for parents on Tuesday, August 18th and will be provided via Seesaw. They will receive an invitation from you through e-mail or text to join your class using the Family app. We will also post class lists at school as in the past. I will give you information in great detail that will explain how this will happen on Monday (17th) afternoon.

Please do not release class list information to parents before Tuesday.

Virtual Teacher Meeting

We will work together to help you create a schedule. It can be super flexible. There is a meeting this coming Wednesday at Monroe for virtual teachers to get together and discuss schedule, curriculum, etc. Ann Rosales will be there to help facilitate. Virtual teachers will meet at Monroe on Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 8:30 am for the Maintaining Equity and Inclusion training which is a zoom meeting. The Virtual Teacher meeting will happen after that. This will be a great opportunity for collaboration among virtual teachers!

Happy Birthday To You!!

Kara Karns - Aug. 7

Lindsay Schemm - Aug. 8

Tammy Arce - Aug. 15

Joan Koerner - Aug. 25

Beverly Waiters - Aug. 29


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