Protect that PC!

How to Set Screen Saver to Password Protect Your PC

Have you ever left your computer logged while it was unattended? Be honest, now...everyone has done this at least once!

You can help make your computer more secure by creating a screen saver password. It will lock the computer when the screen saver comes on.

The screen saver password is the same one you use to log on to Windows! This way, you let the computer secure itself!

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Right-click anywhere on your desktop and a menu comes up - Select Personalize.

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Click on Screen Saver -

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  1. Select type of screen saver- I picked "Bubbles".
  2. Set the number of minutes before screen saver comes on.
  3. Make sure you check the box, "On resume, display logon screen.
  4. You may select preview so that you can see what your screen will look like.

    When the screen saver comes on, your computer is now password protected!