How to Create a Smore

Finishing your storycorp project

Setting Up your Smore Account and Flyer

  1. Sign up for a account- use your school email and password
  2. Click on Start a New Flyer
  3. Click New Bulletin
  4. Start Adding Information
  5. Choose your Design- Background, Color and Fonts (on the sidebar)
  6. Make sure you hit Save Now
  7. To get back to your project login and go to My Flyers

Adding More Stuff to your Smore

Scroll to the bottom of the page to add images, text, sounds, or titles. Try and be creative with your layout! Copy and paste your information from your google docs to your smore.

Adding Your Sound Files

  1. Login to your smore account and open up your flyer
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on Audio
  3. Open up a new tab and login to your soundcloud account
  4. Click on Stream- find your audio file
  5. Click on the share tab (box with arrow)
  6. Copy the link tab and copy the link
  7. Go back to smore and paste in your audio link

Done Editing? Turn in your Project

When you finish your smore follow these steps:
  1. Save your project
  2. Click Done Editing- top right corner
  3. You should see a link box on the sidebar
  4. Highlight and copy the URL
  5. Turn in the URL