December 2013 Newsletter

Shumway Sparklers

Top 10 in Sales for December 2013

1~Tonya Mabry $4,168.15
2~Miranda Dietz $2,822.50
3~Shiela Schaurer $2,356.95
4~Kim Marburger $1,983.90
5~Laura Mansfield $1,842.10
6~Morgan Glassburn $1,587.80
7~Lisa Lightle $1,486.90
8~Melissa Rogers $795.00
9~Lisa Neff $769.00
10~Lia Pickel $768.00

CONGRATS girls!!!

New Team Incentive for 2014

Brighton Charm Bracelet

I am excited to announce this incentive for the entire 2014.
Earn a beautiful Brighton Bracelet filled with lots of charms.

To earn the bracelet:
Submit $1500 in a month or bring 2 new designers to the team (& they need to submit 1 jewelry bar).
You can earn 1 bracelet & then up to 11 charms that you can put on your bracelet.

To earn a charm:
Submit $1250 in a month or bring 1 new designer to the team (& they need to submit 1 jewelry bar).

SOAR Regional Events

SOAR stands for Successful Owls Attend Regionals. The SOAR meetings are regional training events sponsored by The Nest that are designed to help jump start our January & get ready for the first quarter.
If you are not registered add yourself to the waitlist & head to SOAR. There are people from this team going to both Columbus & Chicago. Head to one of those meetings with the others & get a jump on your first quarter.
There is much to be learned at SOAR!!!!