3rd six weeks

Learned TEKS


Brainstorming comes before the writing, and helps the writer to find his/her topic.

An example is provided in the right.

You see all the ideas, and get to narrow it down to one thing.

Revising and editing

Revising and editing is used to help the writing see any errors in his/her writing.

Paper used is called the rough draft.

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Setting to plot development.

The setting can change the plot development a lot. If it is in the jungle, the characters will be hot and may gripe about it. If its cold, they wont want to move as much and won't talk much.

Plot and Setting importance.

The setting is very important because it lets the reader know what the characters are feeling as well as let the reader visualize the passage. The plot is also important because if the plot isn't very engaging, the reader will get bored and stop reading.


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Or this

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