Room 119 News

January 2015

Reading and Writing...

December was a very busy month in room 119! We started the month learning all about reindeer. We were able to identify facts about reindeer along with identify different text features for informational texts. Your child learned the importance of a cover, title, table of contents, photograph, label, and a heading all while learning about reindeer. We read a book and several articles about reindeer, gathered the information, and wrote our own All About Reindeer Books. We did such a great job on these stories, that we took the time out to type the stories as well!

After learning all about Reindeer and Text Features, we moved on to learning about the Gingerbread Boy. We read several different versions of the Gingerbread stories and looked at the craft and structure of each of these stories. While reading these stories we discussed how our actions can affect others, while working on retelling and problem and solution. We also worked on writing a How To Book explaining how to eat a gingerbread cookie and completed a science experiment with gingerbread cookies. We created a hypothesis, tested it, and then worked in groups to create a bridge for the gingerbread man to cross the river using materials around the classroom! We had a lot of fun during this unit!

Coming up this month, we will be talking about our 5 senses, snow, penguins, Martin Luther King, and diversity.

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