I've joined TLC...Now What?

My Testimony

Since my divorce in 2001, I vowed to work in the school system until both my kids graduated from high school. Deion will graduate June 12, 2016, and it will be time for me to move to my next career. My prayer life has been focused on "what's next" and, to make a long story short, God has led me to Total Life Changes. Despite my efforts in applying to higher educational institutions and technological companies, I have been unsuccessful; however, since joining TLC in November, 2015 everything has "fallen into place." In addition to bringing others into the business and/or using the products, I have continually petitioned God for guidance and confirmation. He answers me DAILY...as a result, I want to pass on to YOU what God has placed on my heart. This past Sunday at church the sermon title was "Start Something, Finish Something and WIN something!" You've STARTED your path...what is YOUR End Goal/Finish? And how can I help YOU Win in this business?? Keep reading...

W.H.Y. = What Hurts You?

Why did you join TLC? Do you want to lower your blood pressure? Cure a sickness? For you? For a friend or family member? Do you want to earn money? How much? Weekly? Monthly?

These are the questions that you MUST answer ASAP; otherwise, this business - YOUR business - will NOT work because you don't know your PURPOSE or your GOAL(s), so how will you measure your Success??

My long term Goal is to make enough money to substantiate my life style once my teaching career ends AND to afford whatever college costs for Deion without going into debt. My short term goals are to BUILD my team so I can become a TLC Director by the end of 2015.

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Host a Tea Party

Invite approximately 10 people (male and female) to a "TEA Party" to come hear about these phenomenal products! You choose the date and time...provide some "light snacks" and make a liter of tea. I will bring the other products for the presentation. We call these WOW parties because the products, as you've seen, have that WOW factor!

This is the BEST time to introduce the products...you're excited and your enthusiasm will motivate others. I'm EXCITED and I hope you are to...I believe God is moving me into a NEW season and I'm excited about the blessings to come for me and YOU!