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Park Hill website changes

The websites for each Park Hill school changed recently and they are easier to navigate and are more interactive. Brooke Renton and myself have editing capabilities for the page, so if you see any typos, verbiage that is difficult to understand or have an update, please contact one of us.

WANTED: Laptop Users

Derrick Unruh shared an alarming statistic with me at the end of last school year. He said that compared to the other elementary schools, Line Creek had the lowest number of log-in attempts on classrooms laptops than any other school. This means that in addition to the computer lab, Line Creek students had access to 6 laptops in the K-2 classrooms and 12 laptops in the 3rd & 4th grade classrooms, but they weren't used nearly as much as the other schools. Let's change that! The laptop carts are available for use in your classroom every Monday and I have an open lab time every morning and I have a few open lab times throughout the day. We are so fortunate to have this flexible option this year with such cutting edge laptops. Two & three weeks, ago I had only 2 teachers sign up on a Monday {for 12 open spots} and this week I had 4 teachers sign up. I encourage you to flip a lesson, try a new digital tool, set aside extra typing practice each week - the ideas are endless!!! I'll even transport the carts to & from your classroom! Please sign up!

Troubleshooting Tips {when a restart didn't do the trick!}

“System running low on resources… cannot log in as a new user”

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?: There are several reasons why this message would appear. 1) This occurs when the laptop lid is closed before fully logging off. Once the CRTL-ALT-DEL screen comes up, then the lid can shut. 2) Too many users are logged in the background. The students need to choose “log off” rather than selecting “switch user.” 3) The laptop needs to be shut down more often at night.

SOLUTION: The laptop needs to be shut down {not restarted.} Wait a few seconds and then restart. Everything should be fine.

Internet is not working

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?: There are several reasons 1) the wireless button is not on {on student laptops this button is in the top right corner and on staff laptops this is on the touch-pad along the top in the center} 2) the district is experiencing district-wide problems.

SOLUTION: 1) Turn on the wireless. For FLiP’s & classroom laptops – the wireless button is at the top {off is orange and on is white for the students and blue for the staff} For the new touch-screen laptops – the wireless is enabled & disabled by pressing the “Fn” button at the bottom of the keyboard at the same time as the “PrtScn” button at the top of the keyboard 2) check in with Rebeca or the front desk to ask if there are district-wide problems. Rebecca will alert the front office as soon as she hears that district-wide problems are reported.

“There are currently no log-on servers available to service this log-on request”

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?: The wireless button may not be on. It also may be an indicator of a bigger problem.

SOLUTION: 1) Turn on the wireless {see above.} 2) Contact Rebecca if the problem persists or if you receive a subsequent error message: "The trust relationship between the workstation and the domain failed

Screen is rotated 45 or 90 degrees

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?: It could be an accident / it could be deliberate!

SOLUTION: Log in as anyone. Once you’re logged in, hit CTRL-ALT and an arrow (whichever arrow the screen needs to be turned.)

The touch-pad mouse isn’t working

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?: The mouse has been locked

SOLUTION: If the orange light in the top/left corner of the trackpad is illuminated, double-click on it to turn the light off. Once off, the mouse will start working again.

For the new touch-screen laptops, the touch-screen is frozen or the laptop is frozen on the CTRL-ALT-DEL screen

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?: The laptop is just not your friend today

SOLUTION: Force the power button on the laptop until the screen turns black and the laptop powers off completely. Press the power button again to turn on. This usually does the trick.

Continue to contact Rebecca for the following:

  • If any of the above tips don’t work

  • Computers that won’t turn on but should be fully charged

  • If a student’s background changes to solid black rather than the windows logo blue background

  • The trust relationship between the workstation and the domain failed” error message

  • When a task-bar has moved to the top {not an emergency, though}