Tommy Tyler's Goals

Mrs.Cannada's 5th grade 2015

My strengths and weaknesses

My strength is math.This is my strength because it's always been easy and fun for me.

My weakness is social studies.This is my weakness because it's always been hard for me, and non - fun.

Goals for this year

My Math goal is multiplication because I am not fast with my multiplication facts.

My Science goal is paying attention because I day dream a lot in science.

My Social Studies goal is focusing because things get my attention easily.

My Language Arts goal is working wit h others because I can have a temper some times.

Personal Goal

My personal goal for this year is to focus more.I will work on this goal by trying not to let things get my attention easily.

Another goal I have is working with others and to reach this goal I will try to lose my temper.

Who Can Help Me?

One person that can help me with these goals is my mom because she will take the time to help me.

What Might Distract Me?

One thing that can distract me from reaching these goals is talking.One way I can keep talking from distracting me is ignoring people that are talking.