The Ordovician period

A Journey Back In Time

A major geologic event is....

A meteor shower happened about 470 millions years ago. That was middle of the Ordovician period. It did not associate with any major extinction event. We call the metoers the L chondrite. They proposed that a large asteroid transferred directly into a resonant orbit with Jupiter, which shifted its orbit to intercept Earth.

The climate and environment

Tuesday, April 5th, 9pm


When you are in Ordovician period the weather is warm and wet. The swallow sea cover much of the earth . The sea levels rise up to 1,970 feet.Fun fact is the ice capes cover Africa. The massive glaicer that cover Africa is in the center of the supercontinents. This herald a 20-million-year ice age during which shallow, life-rich seas shank away.

Dominant organisms living in the Ordovician

The sea was filled with invertebrates. there were brachiopods, bryozoans,and graptolites. The Animals were teeth less and they were invertebrates.At the end of the Ordovician period life flourished. Fauna mostly took over the short food change. There wasn't that much life because of the ice capes or you could call an ice age.

What you travlers will need for comfort.

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Here are things you might need to have at the Ordovician period. Since it wet you might need water shoes so you damage your other shoes and if you to be by the sea shore. Also it is warm there to so are going to need to stay hydrated , so i would take enough water for your self and others that you are bring along. If you go to were the glaciers are you will need a thin jacket or maybe a little bit big jacket to were . Lastly you might need climbing shoes and maybe a walking stick to help get up those mountains. if you want to stay safe i would try to get most of these needs.

The main things you may like to see .

Wednesday, April 6th, 9pm


The will like to sea the beautiful seas and interesting, an amazing water life species. The great high mountains or mayer cold ice capes. these are all amazing palaces you can you see. Another thing you may like to see is the volcanoes. If you are luck enough you have a chance to see a meteor shower there if you look at the next time there will be one.

Danger in the Ordovician period

After the the ice age killed most of the animals . There weren't many dangers. Also there is volcanoes along margin of the Iapetus Ocean. In Ordovician period the volcanoes spewed massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the air . Also if you are going to climb the very large mountain it would be careful and watch out for cliffs and falling rocks .