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Graden Media Center Web Page

Using the links on the Media Center Web Page will allow you to link to Destiny, Award Book Nominees, the Park Hill Digital Library, Research Sites, including EBSCOHost database research support, and sites to explore creativity and curiosity.

Destiny Online Catalog:

You may access the Graden Media Center Online Catalog going through the Graden Web Page. Under About Our School, click on the Media Center, then Destiny link on the Media Center Web Page, and then click on Graden Elementary. This will take you to the Destiny Home Page. Once there click on the Log-In link, Log In Using Destiny link, then put in your user name and password to access the catalog. You may also access the catalog going through the Park Hill Application Portal. On the Home Page there are links supporting research and classroom curriculum, including links to the Mid-Continent Library and the Park Hill Digital Library.

Mid-Continent Library

Park Hill Online Digital Library

Park Hill School District Digital Library provides opportunities for staff and students to check out eBooks and audio books by simply using your Park Hill username and password. The Digital Library can be accessed from the Graden Destiny Home Page, the Media Center Webpage and the Park Hill Application Portal. Several collections are available including many of the current award book nominees as well as resources supporting classroom curriculum. Use Google Chrome as your browser--you will find it much easier for reading (select Read in Browser) and for returning materials. Here are the breakouts on numbers of titles available: Fiction: 924 titles; Nonfiction: 345 titles; and Narrated eBooks: 229 titles.

You can also find K-8 eBooks available through EBSCOHost—the link is found on the Graden Media Center Web Page under the Research Link of the menu.

You will find eBooks on the Graden Destiny Online Catalog that are listed for Graden Patrons only—most titles may be used simultaneously by staff and students. You may browse this list of books by typing in eBooks on the search bar of the catalog.

Tip: digital tool not working, don't give up in frustration--try changing browsers.

Currently in the Library--"we can!"

Literature Appreciation


Students are making book connections, such as drawing a talent or something they love inspired by the book, Chu's First Day of School, or making a connection to the Building Block Picture Book Award Nominee, Ten Little Ninjas, tracing numbers, letters and using iPad tablets to make tangram puzzles. Kindergarten students know how to check out using shelf markers to locate that "just right" book. Right now most students are checking out just Everybody books, but soon......nonfiction and chapter books for those that are ready for that challenge!

First Grade:

Students have reviewed check out procedures and proper book care. Students are learning about the Show-Me Award Nominees and have listened to the book---If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't! Inspired by the book, students have completed habitat research and are designing an alligator habitat collaboratively using blocks and Lincoln Logs following a STEM Design Process.

Second Grade:

Students are reviewing Destiny Log In procedures and how to access information on the catalog to find book titles and availability of materials. Using a scavenger hunt, students will practice using digital tools to gather information. Soon second graders will identify Caldecott books as well as demonstrating knowledge of techniques and tools to make those great illustrations.

Third - Fifth

Using a Kahoot Game, students have been reviewing library procedures, library organization, and book knowledge. This activity has also allowed review and practice of technology operations and concepts.

Third graders, connecting to genre and one of the Great Kids Can Read Award Nominees, are listening to the book (online through our Park Hill Digital Library), Billy's Booger a Memoir. This book has given us an opportunity to look at artifacts and to discover our own "personal" artifacts that will soon be shared using an online poster activity.

Fourth and Fifth graders are matching those Mark Twain Award Book Nominees, using book trailers, to genre. Students will then work collaboratively to decode, unlock, and match genre to assess genre knowledge.


Award Book Challenges

Encourage your students in grades second through fifth grade to read the current Award Books for your grade level. Second graders need to read 10 Caldecott books before the end of the year--celebration in May. Third graders should read at least four of the Great Kids Can Read Award Book Nominees before the end of February. Fourth and fifth grade students should also read a minimum of four Mark Twain Award Book Nominees before the end of February. The class in each of those grade levels that has the most students participating using percentages will win at least TWO FREE PAPERBACK BOOKS on next year's award list for the classroom library. If you would like a great read aloud from those lists--please let me know. Fourth and fifth grade teachers, I have several copies of the Mark Twain nominees from Mid-Continent to share with your classrooms for reading to your students.

What's New

Makerspace Challenges

We just finished a bookmark challenge in the library--students voted for their favorite student made bookmarks and the top winners will be copied for library students to use. The graph paper programming challenge is now in progress.

New Books

New books as they arrive are placed on our New Book Shelf location next to our reading zone. We continue to add to our collections and appreciate your support. Please send us titles you would like to see on the library shelves for consideration. I will send a link to a GoogleDoc for those recommendations--collection orders will be placed by mid-October.

What's Next

It's collaboration time. Please let me know when would be a good time to get together to plan how I and the library resources can best support you, your students, and your curriculum. Third grade has already requested Digital Citizenship support--will do!

If not possible to meet during collaboration times, I can meet before school, after school, or lunch. Emails can certainly be a start to collaboration as well.


All grade levels--students have until next Friday, September 15th, to give me a note from home that they read at least 8 books this summer or participated in a summer reading program.

Kindergarten and first grade students should turn in lists of books for the Superhero Reading Program sponsored by the Graden LMC.

Also, kindergarten and first grade parents should plan to attend the Superhero Family Reading Event on Tuesday October 17th in the gym from 5:30-7:00. This event is also sponsored by the library. A reminder note will go home closer to that date with those students.