Would You EAT this?

Supporting an argument

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Tone: Are these PHRASES Positive or Negative?

“And the nutritional benefit of eating bugs . . . ”

“Many species are rich in iron . . . ”

“Cicadas have the same amount of protein . . .”

“Many insects are even gluten-free . . .”

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Read: Would You Eat This? from Scholastic's Scope Magazine

Read this article with a partner and then work on the activities that follow! Think about the tone of the article as you read about icky delicacies. Click the link below for the full sized article.

c. Scholastic Scope February 2016


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TED TALK: Still interested in knowing more about Edible Bugs?


This man actually has created a cookbook titled The Insect Cookbook by Marcel Dicke.

Listen to his Ted Talk about edible insects.

WARNING! Don't eat bugs that you find. They could be poisonous!

Again! DO NOT EAT BUGS! I am not encouraging you to go and find some bugs and eat them! Most of the bugs mentioned in the article and movie have been farmed! If you try bugs that you find outside you could get sick! Again, Mrs. Izzo is not saying go eat bugs!