Whose Fault

By: Madison Leach

The Only Ones To Blame

Romeo and Juliet are the only ones to blame for their untimely deaths. It was their own immature, illogical actions that ultimately lead to them killing themselves. Romeo and Juliet were to blinded by their strong attraction for each other to make rational decisions. They took their strange infatuation with each other and called it love. Blind to their own stupidity, Romeo and Juliet took their own lives because in their childish minds they believed they simply could not live without each other. After meeting Romeo the first time, Juliet had told the nurse, "Go ask his name: if he be married, my grave is like to be my wedding day" (Shakespeare Act 1 Scene 5). The conversation about Romeo, whom Juliet had only just met that night, shows how irrational their decisions were. Juliet didn't even know Romeos name, let alone had a full conversation with him, and she said she would rather die than marry someone else other than Romeo. That statement shows how rash Juliet is. Juliet had fallen for a face not a man. Because of their mistaken love Romeo and Juliet went to extremes for each other which includes killing themselves. Not only is Romeo and Juliet's infatuation with each other a reason that it's their fault for their deaths; there's also the fact that Romeo is the one that took the poison and Juliet is the one that stabbed herself. No one made them take these drastic actions, but themselves. As Friar Laurence described the whole Romeo and Juliet ordeal he said, "... but as it seems, did... violence on herself..." (Shakespeare Act 5 Scene 3), and the Prince, after reading Romeos letter, stated, "... he writed that he he did buy poison and... came to this vault to die..." (Shakespeare Act 5 Scene 3). After the two teens were found it was up to Friar Laurence to clear the air. He had explained how he married Romeo and Juliet in an attempt to end the feud between the Montague's and the Capulet's. He had told everyone about his plan with the potion, how it went horribly wrong, and how the whole plan ended in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Laurence told both families how their kids took their own lives. The Prince later confirmed Friar Laurence's story after he read Romeo's suicide note. No one forced Romeo to take the potion; no one forced Juliet to stab herself. It was Romeo and Juliet who willingly took these lethal actions, making them responsible for their own deaths.

When Two Eyes Met (Poem)

It was at a party when two eyes met.

Where young Romeo fell in love with fair Juliet,

Through all the laughing, the dancing, the fun,

But this is only where the tail begun

It was on their wedding day when they were pulled apart

Leaving the both of them with a broken heart

Friar Laurence had hatched a brilliant plan,

A scheme to get Juliet back with her man

It was shorty after the plan got its start

That everything quickly began to fall apart

Romeo thought his lovely Juliet was dead

Living with out her was something he could not think with his head

With a heavy heart Romeo took his life

It was a poison that took him away from his wife

The Friar tried and tried to take Juliet way

But she found out her husband was dead anyway

A loud noise caused the Friar to flee with a stagger

And that is when Juliet stabbed herself with Romeos own dagger

It was a short love, reckless and wild

Now both families are left without a child.

This poem shows how it was Romeo and Juliet who took their own lives. No one killed them, but themselves.


Juliet was so young and so wild

She was the only Capulet child

Always so happy, her smile was wide

That is until her Romeo had died

Stricken with sadness she took her own life

With the blade of her poor dead husbands knife

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