November 2014

Visit the Sweetwater Union High School District Professional Development Calendar to keep up with everything the SUHSD is doing to connect people to learning opportunities.

Bookmark the link to the Google Drive Calendar. Contact Edna Espinoza in Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development to request additions or changes to the calendar.
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Internal Assessments

District and Site Specialists work to develop Internal Assessments aligned with written and taught curriculum

Visit the Research & Evaluation Canvas course to access Semester One Performance Tasks in all four core content areas! (self-enroll by clicking this link). Spanish versions of these tasks are also posted to Canvas. See what your students experience in all content areas.

Please notify a Site or District Curriculum Specialist (see list at bottom of the page) when you have administered a Performance Task in your content area! We need your help as we work to select and post ANCHOR PAPERS at each score point on the rubric. Anchors are critical for calibrated scoring.

Visit Curriculum & Professional Development Canvas course to learn more about internally-designed and validated Semester One Final Exams. Teachers in most core content-area classes will receive one class set of finals for each section they teach; ELA and high school H/SS finals will also be accompanied by "text-only" versions teachers may duplicate for individual student annotation.
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Plan now to maximize the value of Semester One Performance Tasks!

Teachers should meet in course-alike teams to study and respond to student work. See this recent history/social science application of Steps for Calibrated Scoring.

See this nine-minute video to learn about steps to calibrated scoring:

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Second Round of Cohort and Zone Workshops is under way!

"South Bay Performance Task Showcase" Planning Team works to bring relevance to tasks

Representatives from local businesses, industry and post-secondary institutions met in October to review and critique Semester One Performance Tasks for IMI, IMIII and Biology. Feedback will drive development of Semester Two tasks in those subjects in order to elicit student products worthy of display in South Bay businesses. Members of the South County Economic Development Council (SCEDC) are helping promote the project.

District and Site Specialists engage with national and regional curriculum experts

Phil Daro, the co-author of the Common Core Math Standards, spoke at University of San Diego on October 10/15/14. Many SUHSD teachers attended California Math Council South in Palm Springs October 23-25.

David Foster presented a session on Mathematics at CMC South:

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SUHSD Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

Roman Del Rosario, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Katrine Czajkowski, Lead Curriculum Specialist

Daniel Cohen & Mimi Williams, Math Curriculum Specialists

Gina Vattuone & Rhea Faeldonea-Walker, ELA Curriculum Specialists

Ana Garcia & Melanie Brown, Science Curriculum Specialists

Kelly Leon & Olga Loya-Estrada, History/Social Science Curriculum Specialists