Catholics/Protestants in N. Ireland

By: Bethany H, Chase M & Esther K

Background Information

Since the 16th century, there has been many conflicts between the two main religious groups in Northern Ireland, the Catholics and Protestants. About 50% of the people were Protestants and 40% were catholics.The Catholics and Protestants lived separate from each other and both wanted more power.

Conflict Begins in Ireland & Land Divides

In the early 1900's, different groups in Ireland were beginning to fight for their independence. While this was happening, the Protestants wanted to stay with Great Britain and didn't want Ireland to be independent. In 1922, Ireland was divided and the Northern part of Ireland consisted of mostly Protestant counties who stayed with Great Britain. The rest of Ireland consisted of mostly Catholics and became independent in 1949.
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"The Troubles" Begin

The Troubles was a period of time where riots & fighting began between the catholics and protestants.

Timeline Below:

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Northern Ireland - The Troubles

Some Impacts This Conflict Had

~Violence sometimes spread to Europe & England

~Many people were killed

~Created social division

~Loss of money from the high cost of security, weapons, etc.

Both Sides Wanted Peace

The catholics & protestants both wanted peace because they knew that violence would lead them nowhere. The IRA (catholics) promised to end all violence. But, it wasn't as easy as they hoped it would be and the video below shows that the catholics and protestants haven't made peace yet.
13 police wounded in Northern Ireland violence

Peace Has Been Made

Many years later, both groups finally agreed to share share power in Northern Ireland and peace was made. Lastly, the British military left Ireland.

Essential Question

What impact did the Catholic and Protestant groups have on this region?