Reign of Terror

Caroline N.

fair or unfair?

The Reign of Terror, also known as "The Terror" was a time period of violence.

40,000 people died including the king and his wife, from war or guillotining, Committee of plubic saftey was created, and the Levee en Masse fuels revolts.


Guillotine was regarded as a way to execute criminals. 20,000 - 40,000 died from guillotining; including the king and queen of France, January 21st of 1793 King Louis was executed along with his wife Maire Antoinette. People would get executed for any reason the Committee of Public Safety wanted.


Austria and Prussia joined together to attack France. France declared war with Prussia and Austria in April of 1792. In 1795 France defended Prussia and Austria and took over the Austrian Neatherlands.

Committee of Public Safety

The Committee of Public Safety was created April 6, of 1793, to "protect the public safety" from enemies in and out of France. They would watch for foreigners suspected of counterrevolutionary activites to expel. "No one was safe from suspicion. A careless word of criticism spoken against the government could put one in prison or worse."

Levee en Masse

The Levee en Masse was a forced military draft of French males to fight against the laws to abolish Christianity in France. People fiercely fought against the Levee en Masse, in the Vendee region. 80,000 to 500,000 on both sides died.