11th Grade


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Your required courses are: Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education.

all of these are 1 credit, except for Phy. Ed, which is a half credit.

AP/Enriched classes are available for Us History (Social Studies), Language and composition (English), and Biology (Science)

Possible Elective Classes

  • Art Metals I (0.5 cred.)
  • Lifeguard Training I (0.5 cred.)
  • Concert Choir (1 cred.)
  • Futurisim (0.5 cred.)
  • Photography I (0.5 cred.)
  • Humanities I- Ancient/Medieval (0.5 cred.)
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Teachers and Traveling.

Some teachers

  • MS.Schroeder Art
  • Ms.Hamilton English
  • Mr.Fuller Social Studies

Travel opportunities

  • Job shadowing
  • Class trips to places as a school
  • In school trips to different classrooms
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Senior High Quotes.

"I am the Ring Master of all of you, you are just my pawns!" -Jesse Hoppe

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