Mrs. Rish's Class Skills Agenda

October 9

Language Arts

We will complete our animal classification booklets this week. Students will continue to read nonfiction books about animals.

In addition to nonfiction text, students will learn about Tall Tales this week.

Our grammar skill focus will be the identification and use of singular and plural nouns.

We are continuing to work through the five areas of Daily Five. This design gives students lots of practice in the most essential aspects of literacy.

Spelling Words

car, art, barn, start, farm, card, yarn, part, dark, hard barnyard, starlight, barking, artist, market

/ar/ sound

Vocabulary Words

previous, drench, efficient, instantly, priorities, minor, extinguish, hazard

Please make sure that you and your child use the vocabulary words each week. Students should be able to understand the word when used in a sentence. The vocabulary tests are read aloud to the students each week.

Science & Social Studies

We will continue our exploration of animal characteristics. Our digital animal flyers will be released this week.

North American Indian Nations is the title of our Studies Weekly issue.


We will continue Module 3 in Eureka Math.

Our objectives this week will be:

  1. Compare two three-digit number with <, >, and = when there are more than 9 ones or 9 tens.
  2. Compare two three-digit numbers with <,>, and = when there are more than 9 ones or 9 tens.
  3. Order numbers in different forms.

We also are practicing word problems and the addition and subtraction strategies that we have learned.

Upcoming Events

  • Oct. 12 - School Closed
  • Oct. 14 - Box Tops Due
  • Oct. 14 - Turn Trussville Pink
  • Oct. 16 - Friday Freeze
  • Oct. 17 - Family Check Out Day @ PP from 1 - 3 p.m.
  • Oct. 23 - Friday Freeze
  • Oct. 30 - Organism Dress Up Day
  • Oct. 30 - First Trimester Ends

Organism Dress Up Day

On Friday, October 30th, we will be having an Organism Dress Up Day! Your child may choose any plant or animal to portray. Keep the costume simple—dress in all green and be a blade of grass. Put on mouse ears, paint a nose and whiskers, and be a mouse. Be creative! No Cartoon Characters, please.

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Box Tops are due by October 14th. Every box top helps!


Please study spelling and vocabulary words. There will be a vocabulary and spelling test on Friday.

Please complete 2 Homework Tickets per week. Your child should teach a parent/guardian the math concepts at least two nights per week. Students are bringing home completed homework sheets on a daily basis. They should use two of these sheets to explain the lesson to someone in the household. Each Friday, two completed Homework Tickets should be returned to me.

Read daily. Raz-Kids may also be used for reading time.

Good Citizen

This student has been selected as the Good Citizen for this week. Congratulations!

Learning Targets

Reading Literature: RL.1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9,10

Informational Text: RI. 1, 2. 4, 5,6,7,8,10

Foundational Skills: RF.3, 4

Writing: W. 3, 5

Math: Math: O.A.1; NBT.2, 4, 8

Lunch Reservations (we eat at 12:25)

Message from the Office


Each student is allowed 6 parent excuses per year (this is a change from years past). Parent excuses can be a hand written note or you may email the excuse to your child’s teacher and copy the excuse to:

An ORIGINAL doctor’s excuse may be turned in from the parent by the student. Doctor’s excuses may be faxed to 205-228-3201 ONLY by the doctor’s office. We can NOT accept a faxed doctor’s excuse from a parent.

All excuses MUST be turned in within 3 days of the absence.

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The Mission of Trussville City Schools is to educate all students using high standards in a safe, nurturing

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