Bipolar Disorder

Manic Depressive Disorder


Bipolar Disorder are manic mood swings which have been around throughout history, as far back as ancient Greece. However, during the 1800s it began getting studied. Eventually a German man named Emil Kraepelin classified it as Bipolar Disorder.


Bipolar Disorder can be diagnosed in a few different ways. Signs of the disorder must be seen within family, friends, co-workers, or a physician. If these signs are found, the person should see a doctor. The doctor can then give a physical exam, by doing so they can count out other diseases or illnesses that may cause the mood swings. There are also rating scales that can be used to diagnose Bipolar Disorder.

Impacts Physically

Physically, the disorder itself may cause the person to put themselves into danger due to crazy mood swings. Since depression can be a side effect of the disorder, sleep and eating issues may come up. Medications used to treat Bipolar Disorder may also impact the body.


Bipolar Disorder being passed through heredity is still being studied, for the most part, it is passed down through genetics.


There is no long term cure for Bipolar Disorder, however there are treatments. One treatment being psychotherapy, which is also called "talk therapy". There are also many medications that can help the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

Mood-Lapse Challenge

To spread the word about Bipolar Disorder, I challenge everyone to take a photo every hour depicting their mood. For instance if you start the challenge at 9:00 AM, and you are happy, smile in your photo. If you are angry at 10:00 AM make an angry face in your photo. At the end of the day put all the photos together in a slide show fashion. To get the word out, post your video on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I hope celebrities get involved to inspire other people to join in, and help raise awareness for Bipolar Disorder.