Gabriela Gomez


Squids are a very interesting sea creature.The squids appearance,reproduction,and diet are impressive things to learn about.You will learn so many things you didn't know about a squid,and trust me you wanna know.

Think tank


This is a picture of my diorama. It includes a squid, crab, sea horse, octopus, great white shark, clown fish, sea anemone, and a star fish.
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Go Fish

Wow!,I was surprised that I only bought four fishes for only $68.85.I will need two gallons of water for the tank.The fish I got where a clown fish,blue tang,puffer fish,and a starfish.I think that $68.85 is a little to much money for four fishes,but those are really cool and pretty fishes that's probably why.I also bought some items for my fish tank.I got two tank plants,a thermometer,and some gravel.I hope that when I buy an aquarium I will get those fishes,and I hope that my parents will be ok with this.