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December 8-14

Every Number Has a Name, Every Name Has a Story, Every Story Matters To God

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Just one of these stories: Every week you serve so that kids can learn about Jesus on their level. The relationships you build and the foundation of faith you're building in the lives of these kids are making an ETERNAL impact! This Sunday Cameron Anderson, a 9 year old in ShockWave, prayed to ask Jesus to be the leader of his life! The trajectory of his life is forever changed because Jesus is the center of it! Kids like Cameron are going to be leading the charge for our church one day because of the way you pour into them! Thank you!

christmas services

This Christmas is going to be the best we've ever seen! We're preparing the way to see 2000 kids this year as they get to learn about Jesus more clearly than ever before & have the most fun doing it! If you're available, we're asking each of our volunteers to sign up to serve 3 services. With 9 services total, we know the Lord is going to blow our minds with the miracles He allows us to be a part of this Christmas!


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Christmas Spirit Week

Over our 5 days of Christmas Services we'll be having a "Christmas Spirit" week! There will be a theme you can dress up with and we'll have a prize for the best dressed volunteer each day. One important thing to know is that we don't do any Santa costumes in KidSpring!

Saturday, December 20- Christmas Movie Characters

You can be as creative as you want with this one! Think of your favorite Christmas movies & channel those characters: Cyndi-Lou Who, The Grinch, Elf, Charlie Brown, Home Alone, A Christmas Carol, Polar Express, Frosty, etc.

Sunday, December 21- Tacky Christmas Sweater

Show your Christmas Cheer by coming dressed in your tackiest Christmas attire!

Monday, December 22- North Pole Friends

Think of any & all North Pole characters you can: elves, reindeer, penguins, polar bears, snowmen, snowflakes, gingerbread men, snowmen, etc!

Tuesday, December 23- Pirates!

Most people don't think of pirates as being Christmas, but for KidSpring they are! Get ready for our Pirate Christmas by dressing the part!

Wednesday, December 24- Christmas Pajamas

It's the night before Christmas, let's come in our best Christmas Eve wear- PAJAMAS!
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We will become pirates in Captain Buckleboots’ crew as we set sail to “The Land Where it All Began”—Israel! In this series kids will see that Israel is a very special place where the stories we read in the Bible really happened. Everyone will learn that we are God’s people and He sees us as His special treasure. They’ll also see that God gave us a special treasure when He gave us Jesus!

"Pirate Party" Song

Password: kidspring

"You ARRR The Treasure" Song

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Memory Verse

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week 2

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We’re pirates setting sail to the land where it all began—Israel! Many years ago, God chose a special land and a special people to make His most special treasure—Jesus—evident to all who searches for it. This special place is as real today as it was back then! As we search for treasure along this journey, we will discover that the good news about Jesus is the best treasure of all—a treasure that we can store in our very own hearts!

"Away We Go" Song

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Memory Verse

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