Paulette Libermann

An important mathematician to the world of math

Biography of Paulette Libermann

Paulette Libermann was born on November 14, 1919 in Paris, France and died on July 10, 2007 in Montrogue, a city near Paris, France. Paulette attended l'École de Sèvres, a school for women to prepare her to become a teacher. She then successfully completed her aggregation in mathematics at l'École de Sèvres and was forced to move with her parents and 2 sisters. Then from 1945-1947 she studied at Oxford University. Additionally, in 1947 Paulette began teacher at Lycée de Jeunes Filles, a school for girls. Last but not least, Paulette was the founder of the bases of symplectic geometry.

Sympletic Geometry

Sympletic Geometry is a kind of geometry that comes when you have a structure on a system called a sympletic structure, a structure that tells you the area that you might use to measure between the systems.
Career Girls: Mathematician "Symplectic Geometry"
Dusa Mcduff, Symplectic Geometry
This mathematician is very important to our world because she produced a system of calculating the bases of sympletic geometry. If Paulette did not exist or make the contribution she did the curriculum would have never existed and we wouldn't know how to solve for sympletic geography. Paulette changed mathematics by producing a form of calculating sympletic geometry.