Vietnam Reading

Love and Song of Napalm


Love: In this chapter, Jimmy Cross go to Massachusetts to visit Martha. During his visit they reminisce about their old memories. Dates they went on, memories they shared, Martha even replaced the picture of her that Jimmy burned. But one memory they discuss in particular is when they were walking home from the movies one time and he told Martha that he wanted to tie her up in her bed and rub her knee.

Song of Napalm: This poem was written by a man for his wife. In the poem he was discussing how he saw a girl standing in the field near their home running from the Viet Cong. He was telling his wife about it, because it seemed so real to him.

Important Passages

Love: I believe the passage where Jimmy was discussing the whole knee situation was important because that was the second time it was brought up.

Song of Napalm: I believe its when the author states "I am trying to say this straight: for once I was sane enough to pause and breath" because its like he was realizing that was just a dream.

Discussion Questions

What message are these authors trying to convey to the readers about war? What is the impact war has on people?

The message the authors are trying to convey is that war is a really scary place to be, its like a storm you can't escape from. But on the other hand, its a good place to be to remember the past because you're too scared to worry about your future.

Image Analysis

I feel like this picture explains it because these men grew to care for each other, they become a brotherhood, and throughout the war, they lose their brothers due to this disgusting fight and then they have to deal with the heartbreak of not only seeing someone they care about die but the constant thoughts of war even after you've been out of it for so long.

Connection to media

I picked this video because 1) no matter how many videos you look at they're all the same 2) because it still shows what we have been discussing and reading about in class. The video doesn't change how scary war is, or what an individuals opinion on war is.
Fierce Vietnam Combat Footage