Wanted HIV virus

Pathogen wanted...don't let it infect you

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This virus has committed to many crimes

It causes people's immune system to be destroyed. Then it causes diarrhea and dehydration. Then it will cause a fever to break out as well as a headache. It causes you to also have a sore throat. Then the muscles will start to ache.

Where to find this sneaky virus

There are a couple of places you can find this sneaky little pathogen. One place is in your blood and blood streams all through your body. Another place you can find it is in all your body fluids

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What's the reward?

There's I'd a nice reward for finding it. If you find it in you can stop it from infecting you. Also we will throw in some money for your hard efforts about 200$. To contact us call 1-800-4762-virus or wekillthem@gmail.com