Gifted and Talented Newsletter

April 2015

Look What's Going on in GT!


Angie French

GT Projects

Kindergarten- Students are exploring different convergent and divergent thinking by using the Primary Thinking Skill Characters. Each character is introduced through a story to reinforce the thinking skill we are working on. So far we have introduced Dudley the Detective, Isabel the Inventor and Sybil the Scientist. The characters help students develop fluent thinking and develop advanced vocabulary during these convergent and divergent activities.

Dudley the Detective- uses clues to find the answer

Isabel the Inventor-brainstorms to find lots of answers

Sybil the Scientist- Studies parts of things to classify and sort them

1st Grade- Genius Hour has sparked a class full of inventors! Here are a couple of their ideas... solar panel I-pad, new math games, space boards, and much more.

We donated FIFTY DOLLARS to the American Red Cross! Thanks for all the donations!

2nd Grade- Students are in the process of drafting their playground, writing a letter to the Construction Manager and using Google Sketch up to turn their draft to life.

Take a look at all their playground pictures below. We have some future engineers in the making!

3rd Grade- Students are developing their Toy Businesses after brainstorming and exploring different toy ideas. Each group developed a Plan of Action which included the name of their business, target audience, profit and expense, along with advertisement and the development of the toy.

4th Grade- Students are researching and mapping out their way to several Historical Sites throughout the U.S. This involves calculating miles, gas prices per gallon, time restrictions, staying within the budget while learning new facts along the way. Students will present a presentation of their choice (prezi, power point, a commercial, video...)


Genius Hour In 1st Grade

Playground Designers in 2nd Grade

Designing A Toy Business in 3rd Grade

4th Grade Exploring Historical Sites on a Road trip across the U.S.