Issues in Multicultural Education

Actifact # 3

Issue - Current Multicultural Education creates more problems than helps.

Celebrating cultures in a one a month festival where representative people from that culture are thrown into the curriculum does not work to build multicultural awareness. Instead according to Bic Ngo (2010), it has the opposite effect on learning and acceptance, and makes "teachers skeptical and resistant to multicultural reform efforts."

Goal of Multicultural Education

Multiculturalists agree that the primary goals of multicultural education include transforming educational institutions so that students from different racial, ethnic, gender, and class backgrounds may have the opportunity for educational equity and success (Banks, 1995; Grant & Sleeter, 1986; Melnick & Zeichner, 1997).

What is Working in Education?

Supporting Student Growth by Focusing on Student Culture

“Creating more opportunities for candidates to become aware of competing discourses on culture and schooling, achievement, and best practice” (Gosselin & Meixner, 2013). The realization that we all live in a global world where we are all interconnected has spilled over into education. This is a good thing, especially since schools are educating the future citizens of the world. They will work and a compete in a global market, and if they do not have the skills and education in multiculturalism, they will not be successful.

What is Not Working in Education?

Less of a Focus on School Culture and Teacher Wellness

"The heavy demands of teaching result in many teachers becoming alienated or burning out. Therefore, it is imperative to identify ways to support teachers' internal capacities for managing stress and promoting well-being" (Schussler et al, 2016). More needs to be done to focus on the needs of educators to propagate the profession for the future. We need to equip educators how to take care of their physical and mental wellness so that they have the energy and motivation to teach day in and day out. One cannot pour anything out of an empty vessel.

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