Guidance: October

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Zones of Regulation (Kinder - 5th)

Delivery will look different for each grade level. Whole campus will know and utilize zones.

Zones of Regulation Lesson Clips

Blue Zone:

Green Zone:

Yellow Zone:

(When watching yellow zone clip, remind students that being silly or overly excited in our learning space is also an example of the yellow zone. It’s not just frustrated, worried, or scared.

Red Zone:

1st & 2nd Grade Purpose Extension

  1. Have students watch clip: Me, Jane. Jane would read books and play games about animals.

  2. Talk to students about what Jane liked to do. Ask students: What do you spend your time doing?

  3. Either have students use one sheet of paper to respond to, or have them fold the paper twice creating 4 boxes.

  4. In each box, respond to: What do you like to read? What do you like to play? Where do you like to go? What activities are you involved in?

  5. Do these responses have anything in common? Could this be connected to your purpose? She loved nature and discovered there was a need and tried to help.

  6. Add illustrations to boxes if time allows.

4th Grade Extra Guidance-Empathy

1. Watch Read Aloud Below...Stand In My Shoes by Bob Sornson (While students are watching, tape cards to wall throughout room.)

2. Separate students into small groups.

3. Have students walk with group to a card, and discuss. Have them leave a sticky note on wall (upside down-model) before moving onto the next card.

4. Have students identify which card they would like to submit a empathy entry using SeeSaw.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary