Lafayette Newsletter

September 7

Homework @ LAF

Based on parent feedback as well as a few years piloting various approaches to homework, LAF will begin to implement consistent homework practice across each grade this year. Please take a look below to read an overview of what you should expect to see coming home over the course of the school year.

English Language Arts (ELA):

The LAF teachers, Heather Rocco, ELA Supervisor, and I have spent time researching the extensive benefits of developing lifelong readers. We want our homework to reflect our goal of teaching all kids to love to read. The most powerful way to achieve this is to require that every student at LAF read 20 - 30 minutes a night. Research continues to show that the more time students have their eyes on print the more successful they are in school and outside of school. We also know that reading is the first activity to be skipped when other after-school activities are taking place. Depending upon the student, an online or paper log may be assigned to track pages or time, but we will not be requiring students to write a report or paragraph. These activities actually discourage reading and turn many students away from books.


This year, the K-5 teachers will implement the Pearson EnVision 2.0 Math Program. For those familiar with the Pearson program, you will notice changes in the materials coming home and the online programs. Stacy Winters, Math Supervisor, the LAF team leaders and I explored the opportunities for homework in the 2.0 version. Each lesson has a Homework and Practice Page that will go home with the students for homework. All students will be required to complete all or part of the front page. Teachers may assign the back page to some students or students may give the back page a try. Depending upon the daily schedule or the demonstration of understanding, homework may not be assigned. If the Homework and Practice Page is not assigned one night, the students can practice their math facts on Splash Math, an online math program purchased to assist students in increasing their fact fluency. We expect that the math homework should take no longer than 20 minutes. If your child is working beyond 20 minutes, they should stop and write a note on the paper or email their teacher. We do not want homework to cause frustration. If your child can not complete the homework independently in the time required, then the teacher needs to be aware so they can reteach the concept the next day.

Study Skills

You will also notice an attention to study skills this school year. I collected feedback through a survey and a PTO meeting last Spring. Parents indicated that many students have left LAF without the skills needed to effectively study for tests. As the year progresses, you will see more information coming home to indicate that we are addressing this important skill.

I can address any questions about homework at the LAF PTO Meeting on Thursday, September 20th at 9:15 a.m.

Big picture


We are managing close to 700 students during dismissal, so please make sure that your child knows the plan for after-school. Many parents have found it useful to write after school plans in the school agenda. It is also important to remind your child to have patience if they are waiting for friends or for you at a certain area on or off school property. Too often students become impatient and leave their designated area too soon causing confusion and worry for students and parents.

In the event of emergencies only, you may send change of dismissal information to Mrs. Citron or Mrs. McHugh before 3:00 p.m. Do not send an email to the teachers for an emergency change of dismissal. This information can not be taken over the phone.

Please take a look at the bird's eye view of our pickup and drop off procedures. We use the high school circle for parent pick up and drop off. This leaves the LAF circle open for our busers and keeps this area safe for our walking and biking students. Thank you.

Click here to preview our Bird's Eye View. We appreciate your patience as everyone becomes familiar with the procedures.

“Spiritwear is Coming”

Check out the latest selections of Lafayette and Chatham Spiritwear. The store will be open from September 12th to September 26th. Some samples, sizes and various items for sale will be available at Back to School Night. Come check out our table in the Gym and if you have any questions please contact or

Click here to view spiritwear.



On Monday October 22nd the LAF PTO will be holding our annual Mini Marathon (rain date Tuesday October 23rd)! The Mini Marathon is a 1.6 mile run/walk, and all 4th and 5th grade students are encouraged to participate. Practices for the event will be held on Mondays, immediately after school until 4:00pm, beginning on September 17th. The LAF Physical Education teacher, Mr. Shellenhamer, and LAF PTO volunteers run all of the practices. Students are strongly encouraged to attend as many practices as possible however, attendance at practices is not mandatory to participate in the event.

Please register for the Mini Marathon at To volunteer for the Mini Marathon and for the after school practices, please go to


Please use the Parent Portal to record your child's absences. Any students' absence that is not recorded by you in the Parent Portal will be marked unverified. If your child is unverified, an automated call will be placed to confirm your child's whereabouts.


  • Log into the Parent Portal
  • Select the Attendance Tab
  • Select Notify the Attendance Office Tab
  • Use the drop-down selection to mark your child absent
  • Enter date
  • Choose student name
  • State reason for the absence
  • Click green submit button to post attendance