Community memory & BBS

By: Esther park 7k

Community memory

Community memory

Community memory was established in 1973 in Berkeley, California. You could leave messages and attach keywords to them. Community memory&BBS was created by Effem LIpkin, Mark Lipkin, Mark Spzpakowshi, and Lee Felsentein. They have Learned to tell stories to each other, record them, and save them for others to hear.

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Bulletin board system

Bulletin board system/ BBS is a software that allows users to connect to the system using a terminal program. They can upload and download software and data, reading news and bulletins, exchanging messages with other users through email and chatting.
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similarities of community memory and bulletin board system:

The community memory was there to share stories to each other record them. Also, The bulletin board system is there to share things to each other.So, I think the idea of sharing stories didn't change. I think this Sharing them with each other and saving it has continued till now. Secondly, you can leave messages and it still happens in BBS.


1. They had to record them and save them for others to hear but BBS doesn't need recording, you can post pictures, keywords and everything.

2. It is also different that they needed a computer to record things so that they need computer but BBS can be used also in phone.


Similarities and differences with the big idea of Tradition, and explain why do you think that those characteristics from the past are still part of the devices in the present or why are they different:

I think that those characteristics from the past are still part and they are different because through the history a lot of things developed and we can know what is beneficial to us and what is now. So, that's why I think there is still same things and different things.