Top 5 list of games in 2013


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Battlefield 4 is in my list because i like this game and is fun to play also the game is realistice and action packed with better graphics and there is this new thing called levolution which could change the map.

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This game is in my list beacuse it is part of my favorite series called call of duty and this game has good multiplayer. Also the game has been fun and has a great solo player campigan and the new mode extinction is also fun.

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KIllzone shawdow fall is in my list beacuse it is a fun game and is action packed and fast paced. The campagin is good and it has a good plot and has stepped up in graphics since the first killzone.

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Forza 5 is in my list because it has good graphics and is realistic and the racing feels realistic.There are new cars from formula 1 cars to racing cars.

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This game is number 1 becasue it has extemly good graphics and is an open world game I can either roam the seas and capture ships or go roaming around the world. I can also engage in naval warfare which is also cool.