Angelina Jolie

Actress, humanitarian, and leader

Childhood events

When she was young, Angelina's parents got divorced. When she was 11, her mother (along with Angelina) moved back to Los Angeles where she was enrolled in an acting school. Being a girl of an average income household, she was ridiculed for her figure, her braces and even her clothes. When she was younger, Angelina even used to cut herself. Angelina learned to be couragous through everything she does, and not care about what others say. Now because of her tough childhood, others in need feel the love.

Why is she a good leader?

"Angelina Jolie represents a new type of leadership in the 21st century," says U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague, who has worked with Jolie on efforts to end a plague of rape in war-torn regions. "Her strength lies in the fact that she is able to influence governments and move public opinion at the same time." Angelina's incredible leadership qualities show through everything she does. Angelina and I share the leadership of being caring. Angelina always does her best to help everyone, and i do the same.

Responsibility, respect, honesty, and trustworthyness

One of America's top leaders

Leadership at its finest

If Angelina did not posess the compassionate heart and optimistic attitude, she would not be able to accomplish what she wants to. These traits are some that intrigued me to do this project on hre. I think that most of the leadership traits are needed tobe a good leader. Responsiblity, respect, honestly, and trustworthyness are just a few of the traits that i beleive you need.